Emir Anne Andrews — Why me?

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I suppose the only real answer is why not me?

I can bring a rather different point of view to Council.

Through living with health issues and a mobility problem for many years, I can closely relate to the particular needs of a growing number of our town residents who have specific needs.

Things as simple as are the minimum requirements for a ramp adequate so that someone in a manual wheelchair can get up and down that ramp without bruising and/or cutting their hands? Does a building that says it is accessible actually have one or two steps to get in the entrance?

I have spent over 20 years as a member of the Advisory Committee for the Glenn Roy Blundon Centre, MUN’s centre for special needs students and to serve as watchdog on accessibility issues on campus.

Through that time I gained a much better understanding of the wide variety of problems are included within the heading ‘special needs.’

I was honoured to be nominated as Memorial’s Faculty and Staff Volunteer of the year in 2001; and was awarded the Glenn Roy Blundon award – an institutional award for excellence in promoting equality and accessibility for Memorial students with special needs in 2000.

I also have the experience of having worked for nearly 40 years teaching Psychology at Memorial University where my continuing interest was investigating and developing new, novel and better ways of reaching students, particularly in a distance setting.

My husband and I chose to live in this community 40 years ago, built our home here and raised our family here. As well as pursuing our careers, our shared interests have included gardening, growing our own vegetables, breeding and showing Scottish Terriers; mine have included a love of crafts and reading.

We also developed a growing and abiding love for this gem of a community. I have been a member of the group set up roughly 3 years ago to promote and develop more Neighbourhood Watch areas in our town – the result is that from having 2, we now have 9 or 10; and hope to continue increasing this number.

I have become committed to maintaining our rural nature, a unique feature of our town as, while we can enjoy living in a country setting, we are 10-15 minutes from the services of a city. We have a treasure here that very few have the privilege of having to enjoy; and we must see that we do not lose it.

A few words about my campaign style: I am bringing a different campaign style to our town’s election. I need to give you a short explanation of my approach. I very much want to meet and talk with as many town residents as possible.

However, my mobility limitations mean that I cannot come and physically knock on your doors to talk to you there. So, I am depending on other methods such as ads in the media, flyers, door knockers, email communication, Facebook groups, this Candidate Blog and any others I can access.

So, my campaign can hardly be considered to be of the traditional type – perhaps appropriate as I am not what might be considered a traditional candidate.

As a result, I very much invite and encourage all of my fellow town residents to contact me by the means listed here – or call and arrange a time that is convenient for you to come and knock on my door. I would welcome meeting any of you in this way.

One other point – whether you choose to support me or not (I, of course, hope that you will) – make sure you vote on Election Day (Sept. 24) or in the advance poll (Sept. 17).

If neither of these dates is possible for you, contact the town office (895-8000) about setting up a proxy vote for yourself.

YOUR VOTE MATTERS! If you care about your town and how mit is governed, make sure you register your choices for council on Election Day.

Summary of my Main Issues for this election:

S – sustainable rural development

A – accessibility for all town residents with ‘special needs’

L – logical reduction in our municipal taxes

A – accountability for council decisions, especially ones involving legal costs to tax payers

D – discipline procedures that are enforceable when councillors act inappropriately

S – save our Heritage including our historic buildings I believe this is a good healthy mix of issues (which I will explain further as I develop this blog.

I am Emir Anne Andrews and I have put my name forward to become a councillor in the Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s. My contact information is Phone: 895-2067

Email: emirandrews@icloud.com

Facebook: search Emir Andrews on facebook and leave a message or comment.

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