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Dear Residents of Torbay, 


For the past four years, I have been honoured and privileged to serve, on your behalf, as Deputy Mayor of Torbay.  


We are a vibrant and growing community, indeed one of the fastest growing communities in the province. Over the past four years our population has increased significantly with hundreds of new residents now proudly calling Torbay home. With this growth, while welcomed and positive, comes new challenges in addressing current and emerging needs of our residents, and a continued need for positive change in how we do business at town hall. 


I firmly believe that as we grow we must build better infrastructure to support our increasing population, take the required steps to ensure our growth does not adversely affect our residents, take necessary measures to prevent large increases in residential taxes and be more fiscally responsible and open in our decision making.  


As a councilor and Deputy Mayor, I believe that elected municipal representatives must be fully and openly accountable to residents. I believe that residents deserve better benefit for their tax dollar. I believe the reforms and solutions I have proposed and supported over the past four years have helped move us in that direction. 


Looking back, we have come a long way as a town in the past 4 years...  


When I first was elected Deputy Mayor in 2009 councillors didn’t have email addresses, our community didn’t have curbside recycling, and we relied on the mail to communicate with the public. We were on the verge of destroying our east coast trail conservation zone through inappropriate development, we were rezoning land for development without doing necessary water testing up front, and we were building new subdivisions without parks and greenspace as required by our regulations and wanted by our residents.  


Four years later, we have public council Q&A sessions after every council meeting, a green communication system that can call / email our entire town instantly with a press on a button, and perhaps most importantly we have clarification and rulings from municipal affairs on our ability to properly utilize green-space that will save us millions in tax dollars in the long run. I believe that I have played a crucial role in helping make these positive advances possible. 


Looking forward, we still have a long way to go... 


If re-elected I will continue to be a strong proponent of choosing Parkland over small cash payouts in all new subdivisions, building of new sidewalks, introduction of a cap on future residential tax increases, and call for the consistent enforcement of our development regulations. I will also urge our new Council to more aggressively and effectively seek capital funding for water quality, sewer treatment and road upgrades. 


I am proud to have been a consistent and outspoken voice for positive change. I will continue to work hard on behalf of all our citizens and in the best interests of Torbay. I will continue to work to ensure that as a community we grow in a positive, responsible and balanced manner.


Thank you,

Geoff Gallant

Deputy Mayor, Town of Torbay

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