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In reviewing my record of performance as a councilor and Deputy Mayor you will note that I have always attempted to be consistent with my fundamental beliefs in sustainable development, conservation, fiscal responsibility, and council transparency. Below is my voting record as related to several issues that were significant and/or controversial. 

  • Voted AGAINST the 2013 Tax Increase.



  • Voted FOR transparency reforms including public Q&A sessions after council meetings, public information sessions, and green communications.




  • Voted AGAINST accepting small cash payouts (as low as $1,800 an acre) instead of required parkland in new subdivisions. 



  • Voted FOR beach cleanup, protecting our East Coast Trail, curbside recycling, playground upgrades, speed calming measures (speed bumps and radar signage), plans for a new Recreation Centre, and a comprehensive Open Space Management Strategy.




  • Voted AGAINST the rejection of commissioner Sharpe's report indicating the Town must do water quality, zero-net runoff, and flood plain analysis before rezoning (later imposed by Municipal Affairs).




  • Voted FOR reimbursing Torbay citizens when they won their appeal requiring the town correctly follow regulations and use 'fair market value' instead on small cash payouts in lieu of parkland going forward (later reconfirmed by Municipal Affairs). 


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