The Winter of Discontent By Rhonda Hayward

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I know I am not the only one fed up with the weather. I bet it would be difficult to find anyone who isn't. I just want to share a little about how shooting for the paper out in the elements every day has been these past few months.

We had our first snowfall back in November, so we are now — in April — into our unofficial sixth month of winter. Not that I hate winter, especially, but after a few months your typical snow shot ideas are all but used up. There are standard shots that come with every wintery season, and they come to mind pretty automatically when the first real amount of snow falls. Of course you have your blizzard photos, snowclearing and car accidents (unfortunately), sliding, skiing, snow boarding, snowshoeing, shovelling, salting, scraping, snowmen, snow angels, skating, shinny on the pond, ice fishing, ice climbing. 

Then there's your pretty snow blanketing the trees and silver thaw coating branches and icicles lining the eaves of homes and businesses.I even shot a horse-drawn sleigh ride this year. So, there's lots of things to shoot in winter, but by the the third month or so you get a bit tired of being out in the bitter cold, day in and day out. Your mind starts to want to shoot beautiful spring flowers and people enjoying warm weather for a change. It must be just around the corner, right? Like in previous years?

Adding to the perils of this long and cold winter, The Telegram had its own mini crisis  back in January with the first major blizzard to hit early that month. Our offices at the Village Shopping Centre were shut down for an indefinite period due to flooding and damage to the sprinkler and electrical systems as a result of the widespread power outages  in the province. Telegram staff were unable to work from the office for more than two weeks, but we still managed to publish every day in print, digital and online thanks to outstanding teamwork with reporters, photographers, editors and other staff working from different locations. 

The level of complaining about the weather this year seems to have reached astronomical proportions. It's all people are talking about and they are not content. I agree — it’s way too cold and miserable.

But if we can just hang in there a little longer and get through the next few months,  rest assured we’ll all be complaining that it's way too hot before long.

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