Muskrat Falls financing, the nitty gritty...

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I wrote a story for Wednesday’s paper about Muskrat Falls, potential project delays and the financial impact of interest during construction.

This stuff is maddeningly complicated, so I suggest checking out that original story here as a good jumping-off point. But in trying to pull all this stuff together, I had more information than I could possibly fit into a newspaper story. I know there are some very committed Muskrat Falls geeks out there, though, so I’m going to dump the rest of it here and you can pore over it at your pleasure.

First of all, in explaining interest during construction, Nalcor sent me a two-page document attempting to explain it. You can download that document from Google Drive here.

Also, I did a lengthy interview with Ed Martin about this on Tuesday afternoon. I apologize for the poor audio quality. The interview was done on my cell phone, recording using a little doohickey microphone earbud. It’s good enough for transcription, but it’s a long way from radio quality. Anyway, you can listen to that audio here. Here's one that should work for mobile users, BTW, but it's a really big file, so maybe make sure you're connected to wifi or something; I don't want to be responsible for driving your cell phone bill through the roof.

As always, if you’ve got any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to email me at or leave a comment on this blog post.

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