Let Love Be Your Magic

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"The love expressed today will last forever. It will follow me when I die as a bond we can all share." I was driving down QEW towards Toronto with the top down on the convertible. Everyone was looking at the slick red car with what looked like a blue man and lady occupying the seats. Heads would turn as we passed. My passenger, and author of the quote, was a beautiful woman in the final stages of her battle with cancer. It was chilly even for me with my mask on. Nevertheless. she asked me to put the top down to feel the wind through her hair. This would be her first and last drive in a convertible. She knew it. Her husband and children were following in a van behind and in her weakened state she was pushing through this dream day for them. For love. Her comment expressing how love lasts forever is something I haven't forgotten, nor ever will. 

Before her words, I didn't fully grasp the impact of what we were doing with the Experience Genie. My primary goal was to take people away from their pain, giving them a bit of fun for a day. But her comment floored me. Would she really take this memory with her? Would it connect us all after she passed? Something inside answered the question, without hesitation. YES! 

My father's death had helped me begin to understand the words "Set me like a seal upon thy heart, love is as strong as death" from the Song of Solomon. But, in this loving moment, with a stranger only 30 minutes before, I came to fully comprehend that love truly does pass all bounds. If you're looking for proof, imagine a beautiful moment with a loved one who has passed. It instantly connects you. If you move deeper into this feeling, magical experiences commence. It drives you to have more lovely moments. Love begetting love. 

Why am I writing this?  Love.  The very thing that cheated me, then saved me.  Love of my children, partner, mother and father.  Love for myself, love for you and everyone else in this interesting, chaotic, neurotic, and lovely world. I give you this story in the hope it will inspire you to move away from your habit of associating your value with outward appearances or the things you own.  It's my deep hope you begin to witness yourself and everything around you as it truly is — pure, powerful, eternal interconnected space and energy.  Or put another way — LOVE.  

If writing this blog can help one person see through the illusion of separation and consciously become more of who they truly are, if it encourages one person to stand up and tell the truth, setting themselves free, if it inspires one person to wake up and live life, if it brings peace to one person's soul, then it will be a success.  And in that regard, it is already worth it.  For in writing, I sorjourn with my deepest and highest self, helping me remember my truth, satisfying all of the above.

Please don't kid yourself into thinking that love moments are fleeting and don't live forever, because they do. Hate dies, love survives. In your loving connections you are expanding the essence of life with a power so immense it transcends time and space. The amazing thing is, we all have the opportunity to create as many love moments as we like, with as many people as we like, in any given day or lifetime. 

When you go about your day today, try to remember this power you have within. Remember Maya's famous quote "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Be nice to someone when they don't deserve it. Help someone without expecting anything in return. Appreciate those closest to you. Take nothing for granted. Be yourself. Love.

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  • John Paul
    August 19, 2014 - 07:46

    Very well written and inspiring article. Thank you to the author for reminding me and others of the importance of love and being kind to others!