Day 2 — Flower's Cove to Port Saunders

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Admittedly an alarm going off at 4:45am was not exactly what I was looking forward to this morning, however a breakfast of homemade bread with cartridge berry jam was! Maggie Chambers, the owner of Flower Cove’s French Island Bed and Breakfast, had got up at 5:00am to make our breakfast. Though my father and I were barely awake, Maggie was more cheerful than ever, telling us stories of the interesting people she has met during her fifteen years as a bed and breakfast owner.


Before we knew it, my father and I were back on the road – my father in the car, and myself on bike. The previous day my father had plugged Port Saunders into the GPS to which we were told it was only 73km away. Although we thought that that was too short of a distance, we accepted that the GPS must be correct. Unfortunately, 50km into the bike ride my father informed me that I still had about another 45km left to bike, rather than 23km. Though he thought this was quite very funny, I did not share the same enthusiasm at the time!


Along these 45km I had to take a quick washroom break. It appears that washroom breaks are the greatest form of fundraising! Before I could even have the chance to step into the washroom in the gas station, a group of six individuals donated over $70 dollars. I stopped to have a chat with the friendly folks, and then had to head on my way. It was great to look back over my shoulder and see a group of smiling and waving Newfoundlanders – I realized just how excited and grateful the members of this province were for what I was doing.


After finishing my bike ride to Port Saunders, I joined my father in the car to drive to Port au Choix  (where our hotel was located)! Along the way we stopped to quickly gas up the car. To our surprise, while paying for the gas we saw the Northern Pen newspaper and guess who was in it! Adam of the Northern Pen, who had met with us the day before, had done an article on my bike trip, which was being featured in the newspaper.


Currently my father and I are staying in The Sea Echo Motel, as Shirley Spence, the owner, had sponsored a one-night stay. We were informed that there was going to be a dance tonight, which the entire population of Port au Choix was likely to attend, unfortunately it wasn’t going to be till 11:00pm. Remembering that I would be getting up at 4:45am the next morning made me think that joining the dance may not be the best idea – though I wish I could!


I am now going to go relax and rub some anti-muscle cramping cream on to get ready for tomorrow’s ride from Port Saunders to Parson’s Pond. Talk to you soonJ


Maike van Niekerk


Twitter: @KKarepackage

Facebook: Katrin’s Karepackage


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