August 5 and 6

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Day Five – Day Six


Tossing and turning in my bed at Gros Morne Accommodations and Hostels I could not get to sleep for a while, as I was thinking about my journey from Rocky Harbour to Deer Lake. For what seemed like hours I imagined the next day’s upcoming hills. Though I had never seen the hills that I was fearing just about everyone that I had talked to about the bike ride warned me of the infamous “Southeast” hill.


The morning of Day Five finally arrived, and I was more ready than ever to get biking! My father and I planned the day to be slightly shorter than others, only 70km, due to the hills.


As I began to bike from Rocky Harbor to Deer Lake, my nerves quickly disappeared, as I realized that I was quite capable of biking up the hills. My focus shifted to the smell of fresh air and the beautiful landscape that surrounded me. Biking throughout that area enabled me to really have a chance to see Newfoundland for its true beauty that I often miss in a car.


Once reaching Southeast hill I thought back to the words Vicki Parsons, the woman who helped train me for the bike trip, had said to me. Right from the beginning Vicki said that she did not have a doubt in her mind that I would be able to bike all of the hills, even the largest of them all and so I just kept using her words to reassure myself. After taking a few breaths I began biking up the hill. To my surprise, I did not have to walk any of the hill… in fact I did not even have to get off of my bike for a rest break! I worked myself up so much that when the hills actually came they were a breeze.


After arriving in Deer Lake, my father and I drove back to Corner Brook for the remaining day, as I would be having my only rest day the next day in my hometown, Corner Brook. Upon my arrival in Corner Brook, I had the chance to visit my second family at the Canadian Cancer Society, to which they had a sign reading: “We are so proud of you. Maike you are amazing!” I cannot describe how thankful I am having them as a support group. I can always depend on them to help me whenever I need it, and they never run out of encouraging words to say to help me along the way!


Today, my rest day, turned out to be not so much of a rest day at all! In fact, I woke up early for an interview with Bernice Hillier of CBC radio, which was later followed by a meeting with KIA. Amazingly enough, KIA chose Katrin’s Karepackage for this year’s KIA Canada drive change day. Each dealership holds a fundraiser for either a local charity or helps raise money for different community causes. This year KIA is donating $50.00 of every car sold in August to Katrin’s Karepackage. So if you are looking for a car, you know where to go;)


I ended the day off with a massage and a relaxing dinner of sushi at Newfoundsushi. Currently, my sister and I are on the road heading to Deer Lake, as we will be spending the night at Driftwood Inn, who sponsored a one-night stay so that we can get an early start to Springdale tomorrow.


I have the longest day ahead of me tomorrow, 130km – I’ll let you all know how it goesJ



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