Day 9 and Day 10

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Before talking about my past two days I thought it would be a good idea to let everyone know that the fundraising total has just reached above $30,000.00! Very exciting news!!!

As for the past few days, they have been both exciting, yet challenging! My ride to Gander was different from any of my others rides across the province, as I had a partner: Sue Rodgers! Sue is an amazing athlete, who recently completed an iron man. Therefore, it may not come as a surprise to know she was more than likely slowing down the pace for me. Time flew as Sue and I talked for hours, had many laughs and biked our way through the rain. After we were done, Sue went for a 15km run – talk about crazy!! 

After completing our ride, my sister and I began to adventure through Gander. We began by going to the mall and looking at the houses throughout the community, but later Nina and I saw a row of cars off in the distance with their emergency lights on… We assumed it must have been a wedding. We wanted to see the bride, and therefore decided to follow the row of cars. Once the cars pulled into Mary Browns we decided it was perhaps too creepy to follow them into there, as well, and so had to separate from the wedding parade. Sadly, we did not get a chance to see the bride!

After our adventures were over, we headed over to the house that we would be spending the evening at – the Bussey’s. Within minutes we felt right at home! Nina and I kicked back on the couches and relaxed, as we were fed nachos, spaghetti, and more! We even had the chance to taste their delicious Pina Coladas.

Today’s biking adventure from Gander to Port Blandford was by far the most challenging bike ride so far! It was not the hills of Terra Nova or the 115km distance that created the struggles, but the pouring down rain and endless fog. The fog made it almost impossible to see anything ahead of us, and the rain made visibility difficult, and the overall trip uncomfortable! Although it took everything in me to keep going, I did! Eventually the skies cleared, and there were only a few showers left. At the end of the day I was extremely happy that I did not give up!

With only 200km left until St. John’s, I am feeling mixed emotions - excited that I can finally have a rest, but sad that the journey is almost over. The bike ride across the province has gone by so quickly and I cannot believe I am so close to the end.

Tomorrow I am off to Arnold’s Cove, a fairly short ride, but let’s hope the weather will be in my favor!

Talk to you soon,


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