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“Eww Broccoli!” Is exactly what my four-year-old-self would probably say if a bright green dinner plate of bushy broccoli were in front of me. “You can go back outside, when you finish your vegetables.” My mother would say as I crossed my arms with a huff, eager to get back outside to play in the dirt with my trucks. I’d force down a few pieces, try to pawn some off on the dog under the table, maybe even hide some in my napkin. It was only then once the mound of broccoli was withered away to my parents’ satisfaction that they would give me the nod to signal that I could leave the table. I imagine many of us had the same experience to one extent or the other when we were kids, but not Jaiden. No, Jaiden loves broccoli.

Four year old Jaiden values some pretty unique things, broccoli being one of them. It’s listed as his absolute favourite food! So who wouldn’t want to discover what makes this distinctive young man tick? How about lots of building blocks, letters, numbers, puzzles and books. You see, Jaiden is a thinker, inspired by things that positively stimulate his world. So it’s no wonder that his greatest wish is to experience a magical world of another kind – A Disney Cruise or a holiday to Disney World. Disney would be an ideal reprieve for Jaiden and his family as they endure treatments for Jaiden’s leukemia.

Each year Terra Nova Motors holds their annual Truck Show in support of Children’s Wish. “We’ve already granted Jaiden’s Wish.” Alexia says, alluding to the fact that they raised over $10,000 this past weekend. “And we’re hoping to grant another as more donations come in!” Alexia Russell, Sales Manager with Terra Nova Motors says. “Being a huge Survivor Fan, I was immediately interested in Exile Island. We expect to be a little sore from the physical activity of the challenges, and of course it’s all top secret. It is so wonderful to know, and meet, the child whose life we would be changing by granting their wish.”


You can help grant more wishes like Jaiden’s.


For more on Exile Island, or to donate please visit or contact me (Dave Walsh) at the info below.


Dave Walsh

Development Coordinator

1-800-267-9474 ext 203

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