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Jamie Baker is the managing editor of The Navigator magazine. He is also a former Telegram reporter who covered, among many other beats, the fisheries. In his blog, he will be colourful, different and saucy — all aimed to amuse and provoke, and most importantly, bring fisheries issues in the province to the forefront.

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Cod fodder

Random Thoughts on a Friday — July 5 2013

Cod left in the water

Chinese seal summit

Random thoughts on a Friday June 24/13

Random thoughts on a Friday

On a ‘C’ food diet

Dunderdale serves up red herring

Kids with guns

Kids with guns

Kids with guns

Dear politicians: good night.

Thank-you Ray

Repairing the damage

Major change at Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Do-It-Yourself safety

Random thoughts on a Friday

Senator slams fishermen

Chinese cheque-out

Column supports argument

Newfoundland mob mentality

Where are the leaders?

Crabby about prices

Seal money, kinda funny

Fishery? What fishery?

Shrimp quotas favour P.E.I.?

Good riddance

Missing in action

Another year, another $1 billion

Industry stunned by crab quota carry-over

Industry Stunned by Crab Quota Carry-Over

Jubilee Medals for Everyone!

Hockey Blight in Canada

Political manipulation nothing new

The Deal with Seals

Newfoundland: a hard place to get fresh fish

Captain George Needs an App

Big changes in a short time

Fishermen rallying in Halifax

Mr. Budgell and the Confederation Debate

Deconstructing the ‘Poor Fisherman’ … Part 3

Deconstructing the ‘Poor Fisherman’… Part 2

Deconstructing the ‘Poor Fisherman’ — Part 1

Prepare for an onslaught of stupid

Giving away the shop?

Politics and fish