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My Platform

Restore Faith in Government Process

- Better citizen engagement
- More transparency
- Pro-active accountability
- Streamline service delivery

Cooperation and collaboration 

- Get the City working better with neighbouring cities & towns
- Develop better working relationship with provincial & federal governments
- Form stronger relationships between city, citizens, and businesses

Smart Growth 

- Find a key balance between growing the city while preserving our 
historical downtown and cultural heritage
- Encourage building up instead of building out, to limit 
urban sprawl, especially in areas outside of core down town

Affordable Housing 

- Create incentives for developers to build lost-cost housing units, such as 
apartment buildings, condos, and townhouses.
- Come up with a fair system that will allow landlords to make sufficient profit, yet not gauging the tenants with excessively high rental increase prices that are above the rates of inflation
- Carefully manage the mil rate so that homeowners are not excessively 
dealing with tax increases due to the substantial increase in property values

Traffic and Pedestrian Safety 

- Consider reducing speed limits, add speed bumps, and increase traffic safety patrol presence, in areas know for speeding and otherwise dangerous drivers
- Consider making an arrangement to either get more RNC police patrol officers to watch the roads, or give City officials more power to enforce traffic violations

Public Transit 

- Create carpool lots and have express or shuttle buses to quickly transport people from the edge of town to major hub areas, malls, downtown, mun, etc.
- Collaborate with neighbours to arrange bus service in and out of St. John's to Paradise, Conception Bay South, Torbay, and other areas nearby.
- Review existing bus routes and consult the public on how we can make routes 
more efficient


- Take steps to ensure our lakes, ponds, & rivers remain clean for swimming & wildlife
- Organize projects to encourage citizens to take advantage of greenspace
- Initiate a project that will look at cleaning up the pollution in St. John's harbour

Vacant Grocery Stores 

- Eliminate the vacancy tax break to promote the use of privately
-owned empty business spaces- encourage property owners to sell or lease to others who are willing to set up grocery stores

Sidewalk Snow Clearing 

- Stop using bulldozers and start using proper snow plows to ensure sidewalks are completely cleared- take steps to ensure all sidewalks are cleared in a timely manner


- Take steps to ensure that citizens have a better understanding about how 
city budget works, and how they can get better involved and engaged in the 
issues and decision-making process


- Find a fair balance between taxing business and citizens to ensure maximized quality of life for all
- look at tax credit and tax reduction programs that will help those less fortunate

Waste Management 

- Find ways to enhance recycling and compost programs so that more citizens and businesses can conveniently partake
- conduct a feasibility study on a composting program


- Carefully prioritize and implement water pipe and road upgrade projects

Storm Water Run-off & Flooding 

- Implement policies and procedures to ensure that new developments meet 
best-practice standards to reduce the risk of flooding

Tourism, Culture, Recreation, The Arts 

- Create programs and grants that will enhance and encourage creation of products, services, and events that will enhance the quality and quantity of entertainment opportunities for citizens, and profile artists and entertainer


-Conduct studies on specific minority or unique demographic groups such as seniors, women, students, LGBT, people with disabilities, immigrants, etc, to find out how  the City can improve their quality of life and improve the city services for them

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