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Heidi Wicks is a freelance writer and communications consultant in St. John's.

Wicks on Flicks was initially dedicated to movie reviews and coverage of the local film industry. More of a column than a blog, a busy job and one hell of a home renovation prevented Wicks from contributing on a regular basis and she had to let it go.

But like Kate whispered to Leo as she shoved his dead body into the ocean in "Titanic," she could “never let (it) go”.

Since becoming a mom in February, 2013, Wicks revamped the blog to make it more...”bloggy”, with a broader scope and more personal subject matter. From recollections of humiliating childhood events, to adventures of a fairly clueless new mom, to complaining about current events, Wicks on Flicks likes to heckle this game we call life – often in a slightly off-colour and raw manner. So if you're either bit sensitive, or don't appreciate sarcasm, this might not be the place for you!

You can read past entries at – and from now on you can find posts right here FIRST!

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