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Going beyond the headlines and the soundbites, Briefing Note is all about the trends, tricks and quirks of politics in Newfoundland and Labrador. Political reporter James McLeod provides a weekly wrap-up of the goings on at the House of Assembly, plus a few extra nuggets you won't hear anywhere else.


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Premier Ball Angry

Timeline: The Ed Martin Severance Scandal

Premier Ball, on Ed Martin

More sunshine

Free votes …

Let the sunshine in

If the NL government won't make a Sunshine List, I'll do it myself

A series of random observations the provincial election campaign:

Why keep it secret?

No clear winners in Avalon debate

The best debate of the election

Mulcair and Trudeau, raw audio

The NDP could win. No. Seriously.


N.L. politics: a gender analysis

Take that campaign promise to the bank — in 2020

For inquiring minds

The walls are talking...

Inaccurate info from Think NL

Standing orders review

Bill 42: An academic argument

Half-baked petitions

The boss's pension

The boss's pension

U of C says Manning didn’t graduate from grad school

ATIPPA review submission

A tale of two speeches

The GovNL comms bible...

Muskrat Falls financing, the nitty gritty...

Adventures with ATIPPA…

The enormity of the Tory problem...

Andrew Parsons still wants to repeal Bill 29…

Darin King, in his own words

My mistake

You're a politician, don't fight it...

Derrick Dalley in his own words

Please: Stop asking to repeal Bill 29

On Transparency

Wasted efforts

You'd have to be blind, deaf or...

Let’s talk Liberal leadership (yet again)

PC Party policy

Five questions for Dwight Ball

Liberal leadership in Gander

Why aren’t you covering X?

Jerome Kennedy in his own words...

Dwight Ball, another rogue? (UPDATE: No)

Has Jim Bennett gone rogue already?

Liberal leadership explainer...

Danny Dumaresque has some data.

A funny thing happened...

Transparency (iv)

Lorraine Michael wants equal time

Transparency (iii)

Let's play the oil guessing game!

Our fiscal situation

Dwight Ball has stuff to say too…

Kathy Dunderdale is right

Transparency (ii)


The Muskrat Debate — in black and white

The faces of Movember

Flip-flop and confusion at the Liberal convention

The pollsters are coming

Paper scuffle

Danny Williams at the St. John's Board of Trade

NDP Odds and Ends

Off the cuff: Dunderdale speaks to the party

Let's talk Liberal leadership...

Procedural gobbledygook: The Muskrat Falls special debate

What are we really talking about?

Hot summer, hot numbers

Is that a bow tie I see...?

Is that a bow tie I see...?

Record breaking

The silent treatment

Written questions...

The nastiest, rottenest, most awesome tactic

Pomp and ceremony

When no one is watching

Home for a rest

Keep talking

Bear with them, they're still learning...

Point of Order, Mr. Speaker, the member opposite is being sooky.

Don’t mess with Eddie Joyce, (and other lessons from Week 1)

Ready, set … politics!