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Recent comments

  • alex
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    the usa has enought oil in the ground to last 250 years enought natural gas to last well over 100 years do a little research

  • Sue
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    I've read Mr. Rubin's book and it is awesome. It disturbs me that some cry propaganda and don't want to deal with the reality that our world is changing because of human error. Climate change is a reality. Oil is becoming much harder to extract from Mother Earth. Just ask the animals in the Gulf of Mexico. Your reasoning is akin to those who want to defend the right to drive their gas guzzlers and indulge in massive consumer consumption. And as for the Alberta dirty oil? Just ask how miserably the Lubicon Cree are suffering - and that was their land to begin with. No one asked them for the right to use their land. Now it's an environmental mess and yet another reason why Alberta stinks.

  • anne
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    first off, alex from nf, you are right. there is no such thing as 'peak oil' ( i.e. google abiotic oil ) This is just one of the ruses used by the powers that be to convince us of impending needs to follow and depend on the elite controllers of the world
    Rubis theory on the end of globalization is ironically the same theory that will actually create globalization. for example in the book ;war and globalization' we are informed of how the stage is being set for global control by the US through military means , wars justified by 'ending terrorism' and 'protecting our freedoms', when the actual goal is to render other nations helpless economically and politically so that they can be 'rescued' by whom else? good ole USA, who already has major presence in the middle east, etc. to squeeze out and/or take over nations such as china, russia, india etc., eventually leading to an Anglo-American control over our planet.
    BP Amoco (a british/american conglomerate) is already the largest existing oil company. One major goal is to create middle eastern pipelines that pacify weaker nations to fall under US control, and to bypass stronger nations, i.e. russia, to pressure them into failure.
    These are facts, based on facts, that are being disguised by such things as the war on terrorism. USA actually contributes to terrorism and civil unrest (i.e. via pakistans ISI, supported by CIA for decades)
    Rubins writings are actually part of the propoganda that supports the US covert goals by tricking the world into believing that they need to go along with them, when in reality the US agenda is global economic and political control, ergo one world govt.
    Rubins writings are definitely interesting, but the info is too shallow. There is so much deeper info out there that exposes the real stories.