Hibernia union filing for conciliation

Moira Baird
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The union representing workers on the Hibernia platform is filing for conciliation to resolve the contract stalemate with employers.

Union president Kevin Kelly said a tentative agreement was rejected earlier this month by about 95 per cent of the 420 unionized workers at the Hibernia platform.

Both sides met Wednesday, but he said nothing was resolved.

“They said there is no more money and all they were willing to do was move stuff around within the tentative deal money-wise,” said Kelly, president of the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers, Local 2121.

“Our last agreement was arbitrated. Sooner or later, there has to be a negotiated deal.”

Kelly said the union is looking for higher raises over three years than 2.5 per cent, three per cent and 3.25 per cent.

“Not everyone in the offshore makes the biggest kind of money.

“And there’s a lot of risk here as witnessed in the helicopter crash, plus working in an oil facility there’s a lot of danger, too.” Union president Kevin Kelly

“And there’s a lot of risk here as witnessed in the helicopter crash, plus working in an oil facility there’s a lot of danger, too.”

Another key issue for the union is shop days that would require workers to spend several days working on equipment onshore once their three-week shift at the platform ends.

“Some of these people don’t live in the St. John’s area, so they’re away from their home three weeks at a time.

“Then, they’d have to spend time in the shop besides that before they get back to see their families.”

Offshore workers typically spend 21 days working on the platform and 21 days off onshore.


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Recent comments

  • Mark
    October 14, 2010 - 12:00

    @Doug: First of all, I am a unionized employee working on Hibernia, Yes, it's true that a lot of people make decent money working offshore, but it's a far cry the "offshore making millions" perception that of a lot of people have. Statistically, Hibernia worker's get paid less (a lot less in *some* cases) than their counterparts on other installations operating on the East Coast of Newfoundland. Just because we're the biggest installation doesn't mean we get paid the most. All we are asking for in this four year contract is to make strides towards getting on par with the rest of the Grand Banks. We're not asking for the world, or to get rich overnight, all we want is to be treated fairly. The figures offered so far are actually worse than our last contract. It seems like Doug holds some resentment toward Hibernia and/or it's worker's. Sour grapes maybe?

  • TeeKay
    August 08, 2010 - 13:23

    Typical comments from union reps. This guy Kevin Kelly doesn't have a clue what he's talking about…”And there’s a lot of risk … I’d be willing to bet het he gets a pretty good salary from inflating the realities of fact. Of course there is risk, that’s why the jobs are high paying. Furthermore, there are thousands of people out there who would cherish such an opportunity and they WOULD NOT want unions interfering with their livelihoods. For all of you who are so naïve to believe unions are acting on your behalf, you are pathetic, and if I didn’t know any better, you’d be happy to take an unemployment slip then giving a little extra to further your careers. Yup, it coffee time, stop everything. Yup, it’s 5 o’clock, stop everything. Yup, it’s time to go home, stop everything… Now these are some real RISK factors!! If you don’t like what’s offered, then stay away and don’t complain, as opposed to trying to get hand-outs…sickens me!! Lastly, on trying to get more raise increases, you would get significantly more if you worked for your dollar and avoided trying to get something for nothing….through a UNION. You should know, the UNIONS have deflated your opportunities to receive merit increases based on true work ethic!!

  • James
    July 27, 2010 - 21:41

    Doug, Funny, I work making beds in housekeeping 12 hours per day 7 days a week... That is 84 hours!!! I work 2 weeks per week... Is that greed???? In addition I am also separated from my three young kids for 3 weeks at a time while they miss their Dad... Is that Greed??? Subway workers work hard for their income... Don't bash or degrade our local workers. Get off your pedistal and go find yourself a job...

  • Doug
    July 27, 2010 - 09:10

    Having worked on Hibernia, I can say you people are nothing but an example of greed. On the nicest rig in the world, even rotation schedule, and still not enough. A person who makes beds out there is getting 50,000 a year. Same as a teacher. If not for Hibernia, they would be at Subway. Many out there make well over $100,000 a year. Pure greed.