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  • Henry Jefford
    October 08, 2011 - 19:31

    I think with the large supply of iron ore in Labrador and one of the largest supply of natural power from Muskrat Falls and Churchill Falls, the possibility of processing iron ore and shipping out some of the finished steel product..

  • Richard Stovel
    September 09, 2011 - 07:31

    At current prices the expansion proposed would produce close to $1 billion annually in additional royalties to the Newfoundland Government, plus provincial and federal income taxes (depending on profitability), plus 2000 well paid jobs which would produce additional tax revenue and other employment opportunities. The reserves support at least 50 more years of production (there is no point in drilling to prove up reserves beyond 50 years). Newfoundland is not the only place in the world that has undeveloped iron ore reserves. If the Province doesn't support this project when the fire is hot the production will go elsewhere. At current production levels IOC would risk becoming an increasingly marginal player in the worldwide iron ore trade. Some people's anti development attitude amazes me.

    September 09, 2011 - 05:10


  • BR
    September 08, 2011 - 22:56

    It's been like that for years, back to the fish merchants days. We take the raw material and send it elsewhere for processing and for others to make a profit. We also import stuff we can grow here i.e. potatoes, carrots, lumber etc. Time to put an end to it.

  • nl gov should tell Zoe thanks but no thanks
    September 08, 2011 - 10:53

    not interested in double production; thus causing life of mineral deposits to be cut in half and life of town Lab City; this should be stopped by NL gov; dead in its tracks and ZOE should be given cold shoulder by this government; over billion tonnes concentrate taken from this province without full processing; and should not be another single "spoonful" to use moron brian tobins words; taken in future until full 100 processing done in nfld lab; christ what is this province a money pit and resource whor*e for large multi national companies; f***king riducilous; just unreal the mindset of us stupid newfies here and in labrador; wicked; time to put stop to this bullsh%t and get full value of all the GOD Given resources we have been blessed with; je$us H christer we need second version; coming of Danny Williams to put a stop to this pillaging of our resources...