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  • T T T
    September 20, 2011 - 14:36

    Shawn, do you speak French? Enough said. Milly, Newfoundlanders are not back stabbing anyone. If you want to open that can of worms... look at all the Newfoundlanders who work internationally on oil rigs and ships, while keeping their money in NL. Also, without Alberta taking so many newfoundlanders, rural NL would be dead. So, to be fair... I think the least we can do is be open to a few foriengers who have skills that we do not have... It will do nothing but help our economy in areas they are needed. Again, small minded thinking from small minded people, this province will never flourish with that attitude!

  • Shawn A Welder Apprentice
    September 19, 2011 - 11:15

    I am one of 4,000 trades apprentices who cannot find work to complete my apprenticeship and these people want to bring in foreigners? The NL gov't will pay 90% of the wages for a first year apprentice but industry here is not hiring apprentices, only Journeymen.

  • Milly
    September 18, 2011 - 18:06

    Wow! once again Newfoundlanders are back stabbing their own because they are too cheap to pay the wages they deserve but yet you charge people amounts that are way higher than most can afford. More than out west and they have tones of money. Start offering people the money they deserve and offer them full-time hours so they actually afford to pay their rents and put food on their tables. If the employeers get too eat prime rib then why not let your employees eat something other than kraft dinner mac and cheese. There has been may people that have migrated back here to Newfoundland due to all this so called "booming" province and alot are packing up and leaving again and getting their jobs back out west or where ever because they cant survive here and cant find a decent paying job. Once again, Newfoundlanders get shafted but this time by their own people.

  • Richard Martin
    September 17, 2011 - 09:12

    If you need more info on this Job Fair please contact Richard Martin at 709-757-2826 or by email at destinationtnl@fftnl.ca. Regards