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  • port union plant worker
    January 20, 2012 - 10:36

    Charles.Did you see the secretive contract reached between oci and gov? If you are ,your must be a cabinet minister ,because no one else has seen it, except of coarse Loyola Sullivan..Why don't you say something meaningfull,and tell OCI to leave the insurance money with the peaple of port union,so they can clean up and repair their plant. Don't go spewing off sillyness ,you know nothing about

  • what a waste of the resources of the court and the money of OCI
    January 17, 2012 - 17:57

    it is so wasteful for the Supreme Court to hear this matter. The property owners want to remove any and all assets from the plant, and forget Marystown like a bad memory. And they are right for doing so. Soon OCI will take any and everything of value out of the plant, and take their insurance money and invest it in a more profitable venture, and then they will shortly forget where Marystown is. But what is clear is that the former workers are showing the rest of Canada what happens when the workers don't get their way, the police do nothing when the workers deny the property owners the ability to do what they want with their property. I'll be sure to share this with everyone I know to ensure that they do not ever set up an operation in this city. Why would a property owner set themselves up for this? I simply will be prudent to set up shop elsewhere.

  • Charles
    January 14, 2012 - 12:26

    OCI got the right to close any of there plant's,and remove what ever equipment they may,if the live up to there agreement with the Government,My understanding, OCI did.But that don't mean Marystown and Port Union have to die, Just because the fishery is gone. Now is the time to get after our Leader,to put people back to work, So start calling Ms Michael and Mr Ball, don't take NO for a answer. Because I was in Marystown and Port Union, Looking over the SITUATION, talking to some of the people in your community,all is not LOST,JUST NEED LEADERSHIP.