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  • I Paid My Union Dues
    February 07, 2012 - 08:35

    I paid my union dues for over 10 years now. I don't want my union to create a job fair. I want it to show some spine and fight for opur jobs, not cave in at the first sign of trouble. Our president, shop stewards and union spokespeople are protected and will not lose their job. But I get to go to a job fair, maybe find work in Alberta while my family is here in Corner Brook. Not good enough. I Blame the CEP.

    • AN honest comment from an honest man
      February 07, 2012 - 08:46

      So you are paying union dues to so that your union can find you a job AWAY from your family....that is a joke. Seriously, there is nothing funny about it. What are you paying for? Your are right .....the president, stewards and spokespeople will not lose their jobs. they are protected with your dues. They will stay with their family. They will enjoy life. I have to be fair here and disclose my view. I am openly anti-union, and and active union buster. I agressively oursource unionized jobs, and serve as a consultant to help companies outsource work to other parts of the global economy and right to work states. I don't want unions to try and stop companies from eliminating jobs, and I want unions to cave at the first sign of trouble. It would make my life easier and my pocket fatter. ................. That said, I do feel bad for people like you because you are paying your union dues, and you union cannot protect your job. I seems to me like you are getting ripped off. Sorry for your situation, maybe you should occupy the union hall. By the way, where is the union hosting the fair? In a building that they own? are they using their dues to pay rent to themselves?

  • I could create jobs in Newfoundland....but choose not to
    February 07, 2012 - 08:08

    I have jobs that need filling. I need to find workers to fill roughly 85 positions, and with my technology, they could be located anywhere in the world. Of course, I will likely set these jobs up in a right to work state, and pay close to $7/hour for labour. That said, I could create these jobs in Canada, and pay $15/hour and still be profitable. BUT note that I choose not to create these jobs in Canada because I don't want to deal with unions and don't want to pay 2X what the work is worth. Hopefully, I can get into contact with the companies who will be at this fair....I would like to offer them a cheaper source of labour.

  • LOL
    February 07, 2012 - 07:46

    Hopefully, any heavy machinery work will entail the use of CAT machines.

    • John
      February 07, 2012 - 09:29

      I have got news for Paid My Union Dues. What is happening in Corner Brook is only a delay of what has happended everywhere,..Grand Falls-Windsor, Stephenville, in Western and Atlantic Canada In union and non-union environments. Protests, sit-ins, marches,blockades, government interventions can not HIDE the fact you are in a DYING INDUSTRY!!! Take solace in the fact, the company probably held onto you longer than it could have and believe me there are LOSSES in this industry. I am not saying that I am for management in all these situations. Look at the Caterpillar workers in London, Ontario working for a company that made billions and stiill decided to lay the workers off anyway because they would not take a 50 per cent wage cut! Still, do you do.