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  • Fred Poole
    September 27, 2012 - 19:49

    I wish the NL government would stop with the feasability studies and start fulfilling their long overdue responsibilities to Labrador and its people. For example, St. Lewis (Labrador) is a year-round practically ice free deep water port. I submit that if the gon't of NL really wanted to develop Labrador, they could easily find a way to do so. It is 2012 and Labrador only recently got a highway. Now, perhaps they can pave it??? The problem is, NL has only ever taken from Labrador to develop the Island and they are still doing it today, Muskrat falls and Voisey Bay for example. In my view it is a sad and shamful province. If nothing else the gov't of NL should be shamed into treating Labrador as part of their province...the part with the richest resource base.