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  • Joseph McGrath
    April 09, 2012 - 13:11

    I feel for Mr.Peters and the difficult time he is now having and for his future prospects.Many NL communities will over the next 10 years see an out migration of many residents to Urban areas and other places in Canada such as Alberta. Single indusry towns with an aging work force are a ticking time bomb in NL.For the life of me I cannot see how things can be reversed in many of these places and that is sad.We have a beautiful province,wonderful people and are rich with natural resourses but the ordinary person will never make a good life here.I encourage young people to leave the Province asp and older folk try to find some way to finish out their lives living near their kin elsewhere in Canada.What future is here? "NONE" for many except to listen to the" HUFF AND PUFF GUYS"on the radio shows or watch whining politicans and arm chair pundants rip at the very soul of NL.It is truly sad to behold..We are a province that has failed to have all people share in the increasing prosperity and better standard of living that has now peaked and in a not to distant future will once again decline.You can call me a pessimest if you wish but just look around at the hidden hordes of people living from paycheque to paycheque or from EI claim to EI claim or who depend on welfare and food banks to sustain themselves.The people who could have made a change and still could are so wrapped up in looking after #1 that they lost sight of their obligation to their fellow man.There are some who are/were trying but they are subjected to a daily dose of negative condemnation and I fear they will also soon exit the scene.Good Luck as most will need it!!!!!Meantime join me at the store to buy a pair of "ROSE COLORED"glasses.

      April 09, 2012 - 16:49

      You can thank Bridget Curran for this outmigration. Bridget Curran wants all sealers to be living in condos and urban centres like she does. She has no interest in allowing people to make a living off the resources the ocean provides as she believes the act of killing a seal is an unforgiveable act. Nevermind the fact that seal meat is collected, Omega 3 capsules are sold, fur is used. Nope…for Bridget Curran it’s all about making a percentage of Atlantic Canadians so poor and desperate they will turn into everyday working class stiffs. Funny how Bridget Curran is not donating or creating a fundraiser to help sealers get re-educated in a trade. Nope, she’s not interested in distributing wealth - merely collecting it for herself.

  • trouty plant worker
    April 09, 2012 - 12:30

    Bill barry shut the plant in trouty down and moved his quota's elsewhere- Good corporate citizen. The peaple in TBN are going to move rocks around for 14 weeks and then be forgotten by this government. That's what ya get when ya vote for the same party for decades. They'll sweet talk ya and then leave ya

    • Jon
      April 10, 2012 - 11:47

      Yup...all the government's fault. They are blame for everything under the sun. And the same party hasn't been in for decades FYI.