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  • Holden
    April 25, 2012 - 07:18

    “Really, there was an opportunity for government to address one of their biggest liabilities, which is pensions, public sector pensions, and I think the finance minister missed that opportunity completely.” From the way the article is written it is somewhat difficult to know who made this comment. If it is Bradlie George then how technically would this "excite" small business. What should excite small business is the possibility of getting rid of Bradlie. Every time he opens his mouth with his foolish statements it makes me want to avoid small business and use big box stores. Since they are trying to compete with these stores you would think the CFIB would be trying to do the oppposite. Bradlie should be told that CFIB members are only a small part of the economy and if he keeps on with his present path they will be an even smaller part of this economy.