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Recent comments

  • Abu Simbal
    June 12, 2012 - 09:06

    I wonder DAVID, how you can even get out of bed in the morning. Your comments generally read like a whos who out of the "Tired and Contrary Gazette". You must split your time equally between the "Cynic" and "Pessimist" columns.....lighten up! Having said that, your comments also generally have merit but you must limit yourself to the issue at hand and not let yourself be transported by angst and venom.

    • David
      June 12, 2012 - 18:34

      Alarm goes off, I wake up. It's not rocket surgery. "Lightening up" is interesting advice....look what a population of humourists with fatalistic, carefree attitudes has gotten us since confederation. And but for the efforts of Chevron Canada in 1979, ST. Johgn's would be nothing but empty, ACOA-funded comedy clubs.

    • arnold cuz
      June 14, 2012 - 20:37

      They must ship all the oil of Newfoundland to the middle East never heard of any in eastern Canada .

  • John Smith
    June 09, 2012 - 16:08

    David b'y...you could not be more wrong. Ed Martin and Gil Bennet have been involved in the oil and gas industry for years. Ed martin oversaw the construction and delivery of the Hibernia platform, just one example. The Liberals whined and complained when Mr. Williams bought NL into the oil play here, it has proven to be a very wise move. You sound so ignorant and uneducated when you make statements about bankruptcy etc... you obviously don't have a clue, and like many others just have a chip on your shoulder. Why don't you get out of mommy's basement b'y and move to Alberta, where people like you belong...

    • David
      June 09, 2012 - 21:51

      You cannot...cannot....be serious. If you think those few pathetically picayune 'credentials' (urrrpp) bring any credibility, clout or even relevance in the offshore oil game, you are the complete hillbilly that one would presume you to be. Building rigs and platforms is operations management, not strategic executive. Another tip...you won't find any rainmakers living in an "executive McMansion" in St. John's either. Gotta go...mom's calling.

    • David
      June 09, 2012 - 21:56

      Sorry..I didn't fully appreciate your perspective when I first responded,. Of course, when you're looking up from the dirt cellar, even the porch floor looks like the penthouse suite. The Hibernia platform constructiuon project looks really, really important to you, hey? Changed the world, didn't it? Yes.

  • David
    June 09, 2012 - 09:13

    "....Having a seat at the table can be important....." This is true. It can. But only if the party sitting in that seat has enough of a clue about what's being discussed to have some input on the conversation. NALCOR does not have anyone with the career resume, project experience, or the plain old guts to speak up. They will simply sit in the back, listen to the 'men' talk, write some notes, and scarf down some very good sandwiches, The one true fact about the "seat at the table" is this...it costs a fortune. Upfront. And if you don't know enough about what you've done by buying one, or how to get your fair share of benefits from it after you've paid, and what liabilities you've taken on, you should never, never, NEVER have done so. Either get serious about this NALCOR thing or get rid of it.....with its current makeup and plan, it will simply be the conduit that arranges for our province's bankruptcy.