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  • Jack
    November 05, 2012 - 07:30

    Many provinces require regulatory approval for bus rate hikes, and in some cases, even bus routes themselves. Thought that regulatory abuse was bad in Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are worse. In the case of Nova Scotia, bus operators don't just need approval for rate hikes, but also bus routes themselves. This tight regulation was a reason why Groupe Orleans Express and Acadia Lines stopped providing their inter-city bus service in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

  • Jacob
    November 04, 2012 - 17:13

    DRL can charge whatever they want - prices are based on market demand. It's time for another company to start operating and give them competition. It's the only way they will be forced to lower their fees.

    • david
      November 04, 2012 - 21:36

      Here's how you know that it is not "time" for another company to start a competing service: Because no such company is doing so.....simple as that. If and when a company announces such a thing (I would not hold my breath, FYI), we will all know then that it is "time" for it. Until then, it will remain being some time before that.

  • SR
    November 04, 2012 - 09:19

    A pice increase doesn't bother me as much as my 10 year old Son not being allowed to get a student discount--he travels often on DRL to visit Family in St.Johns-we pay 33.00 plus and additional 20.00 for “supervision” by an attendant-which again I don't mind-but how is it that,he would not be able to take advantage of the student discount?!...DRL-its time you take a closer look and provide a little break to your loyal cutomers as well....frequent user discount could even help !! All the same, the girls and drivers are marvelous and my Son just loves travelling with them!

  • Brett
    November 04, 2012 - 06:44

    The comments made in the article are legitimate though. For services that have to justify their cost of use to a public board: What is the operational cost of sending a vehicle across the island? What are the fixed costs for running the company? What is the depreciation on a bus annually? What is the cost and replacement policy for buses? What is the average volume of riders per trip to select destinations? What is the volume of low income/student/senior users that are given preferred pricing (avg. per bus)? What are the most profitable routes/least profitable? The price increases always seem a little bit like the cross border excuses. All retailers say they have to have much higher costs than the US because of shipping - yet they're not willing to open their books up or give actual costs to show that that's really the case...

  • AlbertaNewfie
    November 04, 2012 - 06:22

    Here in Alberta I can go twice as far for half as much on either the greyhound or for a little more the red arrow. The greyhound and red arrow both offer FREE wifi and the red arrow offers drinks and snacks, and an on board movie. What does the DRL offer... Twice the time to get across the island? And a student discount of $10.00?! WOW the savings.... Please... At least make the trip worth the price hike

  • meme
    November 04, 2012 - 01:22

    try having a car payment!! get over it!!

  • David
    November 03, 2012 - 14:43

    This is a service BUSINESS....not a PUBLIC service, or a GOVERNMENT service, or a FREE service. Is no one here familiar with anything that is not controlled by government?! If you don't agree with the proice of beans at the grocery store, what do you do? You simply don't buy the beans....you do not picket the grocery store, expecting the government to impose a pricce for beans. Well, actually, Newfoundlanders likely would do just that.....carry on.

  • Poor Student
    November 03, 2012 - 10:47

    "Booo hoooo. I'm goin' to have to drink one less beer a month." Welcome to the real world.