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  • John Flynn
    November 20, 2012 - 21:55

    Ladies and Gents. We are all canadians, Think about this,, Oil is canadian just a war is the world, We need to get away from this kind of thinking thats John Smiths try to push on us,,, Sad a person has to go on with life thinking this way. Vancouver: 1.5 million people and two bridges. You do the math. There's always some sort of deforest-station protest going on. Alberta Tax is 5% instead of the approximately 200% it is for the rest of the country.You can exploit almost any natural resource you can think of Sask You never run out of wheat.People will assume you live on a farm. Manitoba:Hundreds of huge, horribly frigid lakes,You can be an Easterner or a Westerner depending on your mood. Ontario:Your $400,000 Toronto home is actually a dump. The only province with hard-core American-style crime. Quebec: Racism is socially acceptable.Other provinces basically bribe you to stay in Canada New Brunswick: You're poor, but not as poor as the Newfies,No one ever blames anything on New Brunswick. NS Everyone can play the fiddle. The ones who can't, think they can.You are the only reason Anne Murray makes money PEI You can walk across the province in half an hour. This is where all those tiny, red potatoes come from. Nfld The workday is about two hours long.It is socially acceptable to wear your hip waders to your wedding. Oh Canada we stand on guard for theee.

  • John Smith
    November 20, 2012 - 09:44

    Yes, I agree...as soon as they find out...again...that there is nothing of commercial value offshore NS...then they will be back here looking where there is actually oil....

    • Huck
      November 20, 2012 - 15:17

      And what if they do find oil offshore NS.........lots of it. Will we see a continued exodus of the young people to the mainland...........only to NS instead of Alberta?