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Recent comments

  • Cashin Delaney
    March 14, 2014 - 01:49

    Vale Newfoundland and Labrador pleaded not guilty to three charges under the Fisheries Act in late January. The company is accused of dumping a 'lethal effluent' into Edwards Cove, Anaktalak Bay in Labrador. The area is near the Voisey's Bay nickel mine site. The offence period is from Oct. 4 to 31, 2011. Vale is also accused of not taking adequate steps to prevent it, and with failing to report the incident. The matter is back in court on March 18. Will journalism be left to the retiree-bloggers once again? Please prove my pessimistic attitude wrong, and ask at least 1 intelligent general question about this situation to any expert outside government's or Vale's culture of self-censorship. Yes, I am trolling for effluent again.

    • Ashley Fitzpatrick
      March 14, 2014 - 07:26

      Just FYI Cashin Delaney. We have been following the case you reference all along. Our early reports: www.thetelegram.com/News/Local/2013-07-10/article-3309040/Vale-accused-of-illegal-dumping-in-Labrador/1 + www.thetelegram.com/News/Local/2013-07-11/article-3309888/Feds%2C-province-mum-on-Vale-charges/1

  • Corporate Psycho
    January 09, 2013 - 20:22

    Jim, Vale are known for hiring inexperienced safety people.

  • JIM
    January 09, 2013 - 12:39

    you are right jerry, i worked as a miner for 17 years for the international nickle company of canada ( INCO ) at sudbury on. and thompson mb. and was a member of the united steel workers local 6166. i got out of there when it was taken over by vale to become vale-inco. they had no respect for its employees back then and still don't today. the biggest concerns i had was with safety at its underground operations. starting in 2014 vale-inco is closing the smelting/refinery operations in thompson. something for my fellow newfoundlanders to think about before they jump into the fire.

  • Jerry
    January 09, 2013 - 10:25

    What a bunch of fools lining up to work for a company that will treat you like crap. Vale aren't exactly a people company. I worked for them for about 6 months until I couldn't tolerate their total disregard for the employees. They try to run everything like they do in Brazil, and they despise workers rights, and they don't care for the environment. I would be shocked if one ounce of Voiseys bay nickel is processed there. They are bringing in foreign ore so they won't have to pay penalties to the government , and the plant won't even be close to being ready for processing Voiseys bay ore this year or next. They are bringing in nickel matte from Indonesia which is essentially already refined and just needs a little more processing to make it more pure. Lipstick on a pig is what they are doing there. Enjoy your jobs suckers, and feel good knowing that you are destroying a pristine part of the province forever.

    • Vale Employee
      April 04, 2014 - 20:18

      I work for Vale NL, and i'm not sure how it is/was ran on the mainland but i can say that the employees here have a lot of say in how things are done due to HPWS. We were part of creating safety standards, and i can guarantee that safety is one of their main concerns. Like i said i'm not sure how it was ran in the past but is not the case now. Hiring inexperienced people is a good business strategy when you have experienced workers there to train, because they can train you specifically to the work they do.