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Recent comments

  • david
    May 07, 2013 - 11:31

    Canadian Loblaws is wearing this thing like a ball and chain...there were dozens and dozens of companies, most of them American, that used this facility to make cheapo clothes for greedy consumers. But only poor 'Joe' got it's label photographed in the rubble...or more accurately, it's the only photo that got on the air (wink, wink). Anyone who thinks that "Joe Fresh" sells enough clothes to require a factory of 2 or 3 thousand workers an utter fool.....but because that's exactly what we are, Joe Fresh is finished. Oh, BTW....has anyone heard of "Syria" ? .....something apparently went on there recently...maybe. Oh well... Down With Joe Fresh! Down With Loblaws!

  • Robert
    May 07, 2013 - 09:06

    There was a time when Canada had a very fine garment industry, Standfields and Forsyth quickly come to mind. Seems to me it is about time we got back to what we used to do so well. I find it very interesting that the people on Dragons Den so very quickly look for ways to take the employment to where they KNOW labour is cheap and conditions far less then Canadians would tolerate. We should at least insist that working conditions be the same as in Canada and let the price fall where it may or else we are just as guilty as the Bangladesh owners.

  • P F Murphy
    May 07, 2013 - 07:21

    The death toll is now over 700 PEOPLE. I won't being buying Joe Fresh stuff and I won't be shopping Walmart. Washing the workers' blood, sweat and tears out of their stuff before you put it on just can't be done.

  • Teri Wylde
    May 03, 2013 - 19:43

    Way to go Galen! So happy to hear you are providing aide to Bangladesh, given their recent disaster. The families & survivors will need it. Rebuilding a safer place for them to work in is also a necessity. I really appreciate you coming forward, cudos to you! Because of that my family will continue to support you're Superstore in Winnipeg. Sincerely, Teri

  • Veronica Vallejo
    May 03, 2013 - 14:50

    Great article with different points of view! Thank you. I live in Quebec city and am a frequent customer of Loblaw. I was shocked and really concerned about this accident. As a mother, it's hard to imagine what will happen to the families of the 400 people who died. Those people were workers who carried the bread home. The Bangladesh government, the clothing industry and each of the retailers using the services of the factories that collapsed are all responsible. Loblaw being part of this group is to help these families and also work to make this kind of accident does not happen again. A full-time employee on the site may not be enough to change the situation. Suppliers as Loblaw are responsible and need to take action to solve this catastrophe because they are taking advantage of the situation of these countries and its people. Companies as Loblaw generate profits thanks to suppliers from countries where labor is cheap. Why not return some of the gains and invest in people and in their safe working environment?