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  • Ellen
    July 22, 2013 - 09:40

    Can anyone tell me what is happening at Shoal Point. Supposedly millions of barrels of oil are trapped in shale there, requiring fracking but still no word on whether or not the Nfld. government will issue the permits to drill. Looks like the environmentalists are winning.

  • JIM
    July 20, 2013 - 00:21

    This is the spookiest move since the uranium moratorium. Job-teasing people to posion the well. When people are faced with a choice without the necessary knowledge, there is a stress reaction. Educate the public, do more non-invasive exploration, then let the town the time to decide if it's worth it. A 21 hole program is not what Nunatsivut or any self-governing, resource rich region should accept until the studies were done. This region has geoscientists, drillers, environmental scientists, seek their advice. The two councillors in opposition should talk with Pennecon and consult with those who can provide a format to develop a pre drilling agreement. Decide on metrics, not gut reactions. Let corner brook make the counter offer. The value of 14 holes in studies, drill 7 and give the contractors time to pick up their garbage. A town has more clout than a single prospector. Don't let your mayor sell you on 1200 person-years of employment for 300,000 person-years of bottled water, filtration and boil orders. If your tap water is fit, don't frig with it, for peanuts. Pennecons won't starve. Or that Jackie chan misses. And if greedly gets hungry, he will pound his chest and let us know.

    • david
      July 20, 2013 - 15:12

      Clueless socialist a-hole....I'm not usually one for personal attacks, but that post deserves nothing else. They put up with as much krap as they could stand, they saw the writing on the wall, and they made the decision they had to....I suggest you start playing your cards the exact same way, tool.