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Recent comments

  • Cynic
    August 30, 2013 - 08:59

    It isn't cruel, first of all. Your attitude is nothing but a perverse disrespect of ordinary innocent working people. These people do not brutalize their aniumals. If you have evidence of it, provide it. That kind of thinking is very similar to the way fundamentalists think about gay people. They don't approve. They use words like "disordered" and "unnatural" much like you use the word "cruel": an overly emotional word designed to cover up the fact that you have nothing to base your statement on other than your own opinion. Fundies say that marriage isn't "necessary", too. People don't "have" to get married, like they don't "have" to wear fur, or eat meat. They even use the word "perverse". As a gay man targeted by the fundies and having read their anti gay propaganda and as a Newfoundlander targeted by the animal rights industry and having read their propaganda, it's really amazing how similar the two groups think. Granted the issues are different, but the attitude to the issue and their sense of entitlement to express their ignorant and damaging opinions is identical. You exhibit that atittude in spades. Claiming that people you know nothing about are "cruel" just because you don't like the way they make their living and with no evidence other than your illinformed opinion is a horrible thing to do. I have to wonder why you would do that.

  • Jennifer
    August 30, 2013 - 06:26

    It's shocking to think that this is even still a thing that people do. These animals are not consumed, and the only part used is the fur. (Wearing mink in 2013? Hardly fashionable! Makes one think of snooty old ladies. Yuck.) This is nothing but a perverse disrespect of Mother Nature. The female animals are seen as commodities. Time for these wasteful, cruel operations to shrink instead of expand.