Sidebar: Wabush Mines and IOC

Ashley Fitzpatrick
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A decade in court on Occupational Health and Safety charges

Fall from height at IOC

In brief: Worker performing maintenance on heavy equipment at the Humphrey Main Pit, falls just over six feet, fracturing several ribs and their collar bone.

Charges: Four charges under OHS Act

Plea: Guilty on two counts. Company admits to not having a safe work procedure for the job and not having guardrails to protect the worker from falling. Other two counts are dropped in exchange for guilty plea.

Penalty: $15,000 + $2,000 towards public education programming

Dates: Accident in May 2003. Sentencing in Sept. 2006.


Electrical shock at Wabush Mines

In brief: Worker is assigned task on piece of equipment. She takes in 30,000 volts and suffers burns to one hand and both feet because power source to equipment is still active.

Charges: Three charges under OHS Act

Plea: Guilty on all charges. 

Penalty: $12,000 ($4,000 on each charge) + $3,500 to Minister of Labour

Dates: Accident in Nov. 2004. Sentencing in Sept. 2007.


Excessive flyrock during blasting at Wabush Mines

In brief: Two workers employed by a site contractor find themselves in the path of flyrock produced by scheduled blasting. No injuries are reported, but there is “considerable physical damage to buildings and equipment.”

Charges: Two charges under OHS Act.

Plea: Guilty on one charge. Second charge withdrawn.

Penalty: $27,500 + $4,125 victim surcharge + presentation at annual OHS conference

Dates: Accident in Feb. 2006. Sentencing Dec. 2008.


Equipment malfunction at Wabush Mines

In brief: According to a government statement issued at the time charges were laid, an attachment on a dryer feeder that was being lifted tore away, causing the equipment and hoist to fall.

Charges: Five charges under OHS Act.

Plea: Guilty on two charges. Three charges withdrawn.

Penalty: $30,000 + $4,500 victim surcharge + required $20,000 to Threads of Life

Dates: Accident in June 2008. Sentencing in June 2011.


Fall from height at IOC

In brief: One worker, Eldon Perry, is killed and a second worker is injured after they fall 23 feet from a platform while accessing spill chains used to slow the transfer of iron ore.

Charges: Five charges under the OHS Act.

Plea: Guilty on three charges. Two charges withdrawn.

Penalty: $350,000 + 15 per cent victim surcharge + Have to present safety case to OHS

Dates: Accident in March 2010. Sentencing Dec. 2012.


Electrical shock at IOC

In brief: While installing an overhead power line at the mine, Jamie Brace was electrocuted, killed. He was working for a subcontractor at the site.   

Charges: Six charges under the OHS Act.

Date: Accident in April 2011.

This case is due back in court Monday, Nov. 4.

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