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  • P F Murphy
    November 17, 2013 - 08:22

    Clemens of the right-wing Fraser Institute talks of taxation, labour regulation and labour's skill set, but he doesn't take the chance to look in the mirror and examine our entrepreneurs. I believe their lack of competence, education and skills are the major causes of Canada's lack of competitiveness. Having money, no taxes and workers in slave-like regulations under your thumb will never overcome the lack of our entrepreneurs' competence. Their inabilities will always defeat money, lack of taxes and skilled, energetic workers. Unfortunately there are no regulations to be enforced on those who have a bit of money, but who have no skills, no knowledge and, in many cases, apparently lack the ability to read and comprehend. It would be best if the Fraser Institute would examine its members and their qualifications to engage in business and impose conditions and supervision on the many who require it.