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  • Political Watcher
    January 23, 2014 - 16:27

    Tax hike to maintain services? When Randy talks about services I would like him to tell us how well we are being served by the two hugh "paper weights" currently parked at the depot in Donovans. The two machines that cost almost one million dollars to purchase that was supposed to melt snow. We are still paying private land owners to store snow on their properties . How come the cost for seven Councillors is almost at another one million dollars? Convenient in their budget notice how they call it "Governance". They City of St. John's is six times bigger and has six to seven time the infrastructure to maintain yet it only costs $100.00 more to service than Mount Pearl when you look at Mil Rates. In closing, does the City of Mount Pearl need a senior staffer earning close to $200,000.00./year. I think not. P.S. I am also hearing rumblings of a possible labour dispute this summer. Thank you for the great service Randy.....