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Recent comments

  • michelle neville
    February 27, 2014 - 13:50

    Again as a cabin owner too in Peak Pond we have had the opportunity to enjoy our weekends, swim in the pond as well as fish with our children. It's a HOME AWAY FROM HOME.. The issue i have is that there was NO PUBLIC CONSULTATION in any regards to this proposal. First time that myself and my husband first heard of it was through media. . It's dishearting to know that after all our hard work and pride we take into our cabins we didn't have a say in what happens only a few meters away. I'm all for recycling and creation of jobs but not 100% in agreeing to having rodents occupy our land and 'odors which according to the proposal document ' will not blow towards the existing cabin areas.." REALLY???? Basically our cabins will be worth nothing at the end of the day. I agree with Mr. Delaney's comment, with all the places on the island why put this in our back yard.

  • jerome delaney
    February 22, 2014 - 11:36

    As a cabin/landowner on Peak Pond I have trouble with this site proposal. Firstly it is on a pond that myself and 30 other cabin owners enjoy, how much waste will be blown into the pond and surrounding area, plus seepage into the pond from whatever they put there. Secondly, off all the crown land in the area why are we looking at buying this site, At present there are two cabins and a large out building on this site, the cabins are rarely used. This site was granted to a prominent family from Conception Bay almost 30 yrs ago to develop a camping park site, very little was done in that regard, other than the placement of the buildings I mention earlier. Now we are going to buy back the land we granted for free, when there are so many better free sites around in the same area. Is this a case of political pay back. Please don't ruin our back yard, when you could put it somewhere else for free and not bother anyone.