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  • TrueLabradorean
    February 23, 2014 - 12:09

    What this article fails to mention is the fact that people with less than 20 years of service (under the new contract - hired since 2011) have no right to their home and the company earlier this week said they may possibly have to leave their homes without getting the chance to purchase it!!!! After their final day of employment they may have as little as 9 months to live in their home right now. Nobody knows when answers will be provided. That's where those 120 families are today... in a black hole with no answers. Not only have they taken our livelihood, possibly our homes... next they'll want our pets. So much for being treated with dignity and respect. While the presence has been made in town by the government its been relatively quiet here. I can guarantee if this was in Corner Brook, Grand Falls or even St. John's, there would be a riot and support to no end. Even the government will feel the ramifications to this closure. When 44% of the paycheques don't go to tax revenue and then the additional 13% on taxable purchases fail to show up too. That's a considerable amount of money not going to line the pockets of our province! I know Wabush Mines as it stands isn't a sustainable business but perhaps with some investments in infrastructure there could be possibility to mine again. The bones are there, time for somebody to start fleshing them out. There may be 10-15 years more production there with smart investing. Who knows?!