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Ms Fralick's point is right on the mark. Someone needs to take up the real problem which is our very poor diet and lifestyles. Example; our major food suppliers are still baking with trans fats, everything is drenched with sugar and salt, white flour is still pumped into almost everything and no one at our "Dept. of health is bothering to take the any notice at all. There needs to be some controls put on food suppliers and the public needs to wake up and make some changes to help the process along. We are now finally getting a dribble of organic produce in our supermarkets which hopefully will increase. There also should be some encouragement from government to promote these initiatives. Imagine the savings that would result in health care from a decrease in cancer and diabetes rates alone.

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Lower Churchill Project construction September 23, 2014

The Telegram accepted an offer from Nalcor Energy for a three-day tour of a collection of Lower Churchill Project work sites in Labrador beginning Monday , Sept. 15, 2014. A single reporter was sent. The costs for the tour were covered by the Crown corporation, with the exception of a single night’s hotel stay and a breakfast. The total cost is not yet available. The paper viewed the tour as an opportunity to connect directly with individual project managers rarely heard from to date, as well as more people working on the project.

Using interviews and discussions from the tour, The Telegram offers a five-part series providing an overview and update on the province's controversial $6.99-billion power project, with a look at related topics including: project logistics, camp life and worker safety.

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Workers inside the spillway construction area on the Muskrat Falls project site. About 900 workers reside in the residences at site. At last update, 2,351 people were working specifically in Labrador on the project. That figure includes the management team, transmission line builders and a team for the cable crossing at Forteau.
Vale in court September 04, 2014

Stories on the court proceedings in the case of alleged illegal dumping by Vale Newfoundland and Labrador.

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 Inco's Voisey's Bay site is shown in this undated handout photo.