Tory Leader Tim Hudak says McGuinty needs to respect the 'message of change'

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NIAGARA FALLS, Ont. - Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is already warning a minority Liberal government that their days may be numbered.

The Tory leader says he's willing to make parliament work, but only if Premier Dalton McGuinty respects the "message of change" that voters sent in Thursday's election.

He's warning McGuinty that it will be "awfully difficult" for him to bring in another tax hike.

Hudak says it's "not healthy" for Ontario to have a government that is overwhelmingly concentrated in Toronto and its nearest suburbs.

Hudak, who didn't make the inroads in Toronto that he needed to win, says he still has work to do to turn those ridings Conservative blue.

The 43-year-old leader also says he has no plans to resign, even though many observers say he squandered a healthy lead the Tories enjoyed just a few months ago.

The Tories increased their seat count to 37 from 25, which Hudak acknowledged was a disappointing result.

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