Meeting the candidates in Twillingate

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Following are the names of candidates for the municipal election in Twillingate on Sept. 24:
Christopher Spencer
Cyril Dalley
Grant White
Lloyd Blake
Oliver Hynes
Victor Shea
David Hynes

Following are the names of candidates for the municipal election in Twillingate on Sept. 24:

Christopher Spencer

Cyril Dalley

Grant White

Lloyd Blake

Oliver Hynes

Victor Shea

David Hynes

Efforts were made to contact each candidate to offer them the opportunity to take part in a candidate’s forum. Any submissions from candidates that came in after the Pilot deadline will be included along with those featured here on the Pilot website at

Following are the questions posed to each candidate and their numbered responses (in the order they were received):


  1. 1.    Name and occupation
  2. 2.    What do you feel you have to offer as a potential councillor for the Twillingate Town Council?
  3. 3.    What are the top three issues you identify as priorities in Twillingate?
  4. 4.    Anything you would care to say to voters in 50 words or less?


Victor Shea

1. Victor Shea, BSW, MBA - Director of Health Services (Central Health) - Isles of Notre Dame

2. I hope that my leadership experience, work ethic and understanding of the challenges facing rural Newfoundland will be an asset in moving Twillingate forward and improving upon the great work done by previous town councils.

3. - infrastructure (roads, recreation facilities)

- community engagement (enhancing the Councils relationship with community members)

- children, youth, & seniors (enhanced activities needed for all these groups)

4. As a member of this community I have often sat back and wondering about how the Town of Twillingate operates, how we could do things a little differently and whether or not I could add something valuable to the town. In making my decision to run for town council I promise to use my skills and experience to represent the voters through respecting the history of our great community and preparing us for an even greater future.


Oliver Hynes

1. Oliver Hynes, salesperson

2.For the past 20 years I have provided leadership on Twillingate’s Town Council, which shows my dedication to our community. I hope to use this experience to continue investing in the community, as I have for many years. I bring a long history of experience in recreation – in ball hockey, softball, ice hockey, and more. Over the past four years I am proud to have played a role in investments in roads/pavement, water and sewer system improvements, the Twillingate swimming pool, and much more. In the next term, I hope to continue playing a role in further improvements to recreational facilities, including to the swimming pool and pursuing the possibility of a new stadium.

3. Roads, water and sewer; recreation; tourism; and healthcare.

4. If you support me on Election Day, I intend to bring my 20 years of experience on the Twillingate Town Council, and my lifetime of living in Twillingate, back to the council. I will continue to take your concerns and issues very seriously, and I will work hard to get those issues considered.


Cyril Dalley

1. My name is Cyril Dalley and I work as a Fisheries Science Co-ordinator. The area I cover is from Black Tickle in Labrador to Greenspond in Bonavista Bay.

2. I have been fortunate enough to serve on Council on two different occasions. This has given me some insight as to what is required to work for our citizens. I also serve on other committees and value the input from others.

3. (1) To maintain a strong economic base which includes such things as the Fishing Industry and our Tourism industry.

 (2) Keep fighting to maintain and improve our health care system.

 (3) Improve our town's infrastructure which includes roads and our water and sewer systems.

4. I have lived in Twillingate all of my life and it is a great place to live. There are good things happening here but we need to work with all stakeholders to keep our Town a fun place to be. I am very aware that many residents are living on a fixed income pension and find it difficult to make ends meet! Please take to time to vote.



David Hynes


1. David Hynes:

- 35 years Firefighter Experiences in aircraft crash and rescue and structural:

  USAF, MOT. PWC, DND, and the International Airport Authorities, St. John’s, NL.

- Attended Canadian Forces Academy, Borden, ON.

- Achievements/Certificates International Firefighter:

  - Certificate in Accordances NFPA Standards 1001

  - Certificate CNFPA Standards

  - Certificate 1003 Airport Firefighter Crash/Rescue

  - Certificate Level 5 Module 3A ARFF

  - Certificate Industrial High Angle Technical Rope/Rescue

- Supervisory experiences serving on various committees.

2. I bring 7 years experience as Councillor for Twillingate. I am appointed as a representative by Council on the Recreation Committee. I am a volunteer firefighter on the Twillingate Fire Department.

3. 1.  Health care cutbacks/downgrading of services at the Notre Dame Bay Memorial Health Centre.

2.  Unemployment/out migration are major issues.

3.  Town debt, infrastructure, paving of gravel roads, sewer system for areas of Town needing services, recreation facilities, etc.

4. I will always bring a balanced view of development and activity in Twillingate by using my past experience, knowledge and consideration of matters that come to Council.  I ask for your continued support for me as Councillor going forward as a voice on Council for the next 4 years. I will continue to review policies program/proposal and I will support decisions that will benefit us as we grow into a strong and brighter future.  Thank you for your past support and solicit your support again on Sept.24, 2013. Re-elect David Hynes.


Christopher Spencer

1.  Occupation - Owner/Operator of Double Decker Taxi.

2.  I decided to run for Councillor because I feel there will be major issues arising in the Town of Twillingate and I would like to be a part of the discussions and decisions; trying to do what is best for the Town.

I have been a Councillor for the past twelve years. I was Deputy Mayor for a while. I have attended most meetings and served on many sub-committees of Council. I have taken an active part in discussing all issues brought to Council.

3.  The three top issues facing Twillingate are:

1. Maintaining the present status of our Health Care Centre and trying to prevent any further cutbacks in services. Our Council should work with the Provincial Government, through our MHA, Eastern Health, our Hospital Administration, community organizations and businesses. We should go to the media and support rallies and petitions as required.

2. To maintain present services within the Town and to improve them wherever possible without imposing extra taxes. To achieve this goal, Council should take an active part in the decisions regarding the month-to-month operations of the Town and be involved in the preparation of the budget.

3. Other important issues for Twillingate and surrounding areas are: improvements to the water and sewer system in the Bayview area, the need for a community hall, lack of employment, brush cutting on the sides of the roads, improvement in cell phone reception from Twillingate to Lewisporte and Gander.  If re-elected, I promise to serve to the best of my ability.

4. We should be concerned about the sunken paper boat off Change Islands and lobby the Provincial and Federal Governments for removal of fuel from the same. If there’s a major fuel leak, the local fishery could be destroyed for many years.


Grant White

1. Grant White, Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Officer, Department of Justice

2. My academic background, work experience, and volunteer initiatives have been beneficial in developing important leadership, communication and team building competencies. Leadership qualities such as flexibility, diversity awareness, and organizational commitment combined with effective oral, written and electronic communication would prove to be an effective councillor who utilizes a team approach.

My youthfulness, energy and enthusiasm would also allow me to take initiative or identify concerns and take appropriate action in a timely matter.

3.1. Recreation –I will continue to work with committees and associations in order to provide the necessary infrastructure, programs and services to individuals of all ages within the town of Twillingate. It is important for the town to develop a Recreation Master Plan, and to consider greenspace development in areas other than central Twillingate. A regional recreation director, a new arena or a multi-use recreation center will also be major topics of discussion.

2. Tourism – As a top tourism destination in Newfoundland Labrador, it is essential that we continue to promote and market Twillingate, a community with many adventure tourism opportunities. It is also important to make connections with community personnel who are directly involved with tourism. Creating linkages will also be important.

3. Improving communication by making councillors more accessible through various modes of technology and social media. This will allow councilors to be informed, connected, and engaged with residents and community events on a daily basis.

4. On Sept. 24, 2013, Vote Grant White for councillor in Twillingate. Allow me an opportunity to share my vision, a Vision with Action!

Organizations: Twillingate Town Council, Health Services, Fisheries Science Co USAF Canadian Forces Academy Recreation Committee Twillingate Fire Department Health Care Centre Provincial and Federal Governments Department of Justice

Geographic location: Twillingate, Newfoundland, Notre Dame Greenspond Bonavista Bay Bayview Lewisporte Change Islands

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