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You know The Telegram's Fresh Tracks has collected some of the province's best music from our best known artists and up-and-coming stars of tomorrow.


Don Brownrigg: "Sweet Dream Sleeper"
Alex Dinn: "All You Do"
Duane Andrews and Craig Young: "Confessin'"
Tonya Kennedy: "Make the Moonshine"
Scott Downey: "Kiss and Tell"
Sherman Downey:: "Thick as Thieves"
Repartee: "Conversation Piece"
At Ships End: "Jack of All Trades"
Brad Jefford Trio+: "Goodchord Blues"
Ashley Fayth: "Peanut Butter"
Maggie Meyer: "I'll Get Mine"
The Burning Hell: "Nostalgia"
RocketRocketShip: "East Coast Calling"
Rea: "Hey You!"
The Thymes: "Blue Dress"
Richard Neville: "Old Souls"
Ennis: "The Fortunate Ones"
Danika Drover: "A Girl Can Dream"
Zhambai Trio: "Chipindura"
Sherman Downey and the Silver Lining: "Church Mouse"
Thee Internet: "Babe"
Dwayne and Duane: "The Empress"
Repartee: "Just in Time"
Rodger Rowsell: "Commandments of God"
Man The Animal: "Psychobilly Love Song"
Katie Power: "Diamond"
Pilot to Bombardier: "Secondhand"
Steve Maloney: "In Spring"
Heather Thorne: "Waiting for the Night"
Terry Penney: "Girl From Coal Creek Canyon"
Thom Coombes: "Burning Bridges"
J Frost: "A Short Life"
Ashelin: "Song for Mariana"
Pathological Lovers: "Change Is Good"
Allan Ricketts: "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore"
Joanna Barker: "Once Was a Tree"
The Flummies: "Tishialuk Girls"
Dwayne and Duane: "The Princess"
Craig Young: "If I Had Wings"
Kim Stockwood: "Back to the Water"
East of Empire: "Reverie"
Matthew Hare: "If This Doesn't Kill Me"
Sean Panting: "I Picked Hell"
The Burning Hell: "Pirates"
Chris Kirby: "Wonderizer;
Jim Payne and Fergus O'Byrne: "Winter Is A Lovely Time of Year"
Adam Baxter: "I Call This Home"
Sherry Ryan: "Blue Ridge Mountains"
Mike Hanrahan: "Get It Off Your Chest"
Richard Michael Fox: "Quae Moerebatet Dolebat"
Baytown: "Waited On"
Geoff Whitt: "It Hasn't Always Been This Way"
Evry7th: "Little Ant"
Shanneyganock: "Jenney MacColl"
Catcher: "Rents"
John Cossar: "Another Bridge To Burn"
Ian Foster: "Deep Dark Night"
Long Distance Runners: "Spider In The Moonlight"
Mark Bragg: "Your Kiss"
Wade Dawe: "Cupids"
Steve Haley: "The Woods Look Different At Night"
Dave Walsh: "Insignificant Other"
The Manifest: "Wake Me"
Andrew James O'Brien: "West Street Serenade"
Bill Brennan: "Nostalgie" Tanya Alexander: "Into Your Kiss"
Banded Stilts: "The Owls"
Evry7th: "I Wish"
Superpickers: "Please Fingers Dial"
Shawn Lidster: "Not Forgotten"
Gary French: "The Times When We Had Times"
Rozalind MacPhail: "Where There Is Love"
Jerry Stamp: "Call Your Name In Time"