Are you a candidate in the upcoming municipal election
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Candidates are invited to post details about their platforms,
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 Candidates for St. John's council




I am a long-time resident of Ward 3,  simply a hard-working tax payer and husband who has the time, the energy, the enthusiasm, the compassion, the intelligence and the logical and balanced approach to problem solving that I think makes me an excellent choice for Ward 3 councillor.  

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Dave Lane is running for Councillor at Large for St. John's in September 2013. His vision is to help build a city that is developed thoughtfully, explores new ideas, and listens to citizens. 

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I am a mother, wife, former lawyer, community volunteer and advocate. I am a person who cares deeply about our community, who believes that a place that is good for families is a place that will thrive economically and socially into the future. Please visit: 

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Jonathan Galgay is running for Ward 2

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Geoff Chaulk is the province’s former advocate on mental health and illness; has a master’s degree in social work (policy); had a 30 year career in health care, including 15 years as a professional bureaucrat, and psychiatric social work. Geoff has volunteered with the Gower Street UC, The Gathering Place, the SPCA, and The Telegram’s Volunteer Editorial Board. He is running for mayor of St. John’s in the upcoming municipal election.

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Fred Winsor is running for St. John's City Council

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My name is Scott Fitzgerald and I am running for St. John's council in Ward 2. I am a husband and father who feels strongly about making a positive contribution to my community and city as a whole. I want to be a part of shaping the development of St. John's so that my children can have the world at their fingertips living right here.

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Community activist, student, and Ward 5 resident, Sherwin Flight has formally announced his intention to run in the 2013 municipal election in St. John’s, and will be seeking the position of Councillor – Ward 5

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Lionel West - running for councillor at large.

I have a very keen interest in contributing to the leadership and direction of St. John's. This is why I want to be a city councillor. I bring a passion for civic duties and want to help lead the discussions on St. John's future.

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Candidates for Torbay council



Ralph Tapper is running for Mayor of Torbay

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My name is Craig Scott and I am running for Torbay town council in the next municipal election and would like to ask for your support. 

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Geoff Gallant is currently the Deputy Mayor of Torbay and is running for re-election to Torbay Council.

He is an outspoken advocate for the creation of parks and walking trails, lower residential taxes, and a more open style of municipal government.

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Candidates for Town of Paradise council




Darryl Power is running for Mayor in the Town Of Paradise this September 2013. I am small business owner, entrepreneur, reserve military officer and animal lover. I want to make it so people living in Paradise can also Work, Shop, Relax and Play all within our growing community.  Please visit: 

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Candidates for Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip's




I am Emir Anne Andrews and I have put my name forward to become a councillor in the Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip’s.  My contact information is  Phone: 895-2067
Facebook: search Emir Andrews on facebook and leave a message or comment. 

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