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NIE Featured Teachers and Student Achievers

This section of our NIE link provides numerous examples how teachers and students use our Newspaper In Education program. It provides insight on how it is used to literally meet established objectives and outcomes of the approved provincial curriculum at every level, K-12, all subject areas and all levels of ability; including students with academic challenges and exceptionally able students. The profiles are credible testimonials of how our NIE program makes a direct contribution to the teaching and learning in the classroom.

These reports have been published in The Telegram, and in September of each year they are copied and sent to all schools that participate in our NIE program. The purpose of doing this is to share these best-practice ideas with all schools and thus further increase the effectiveness of our NIE program.


Integrated throughout these NIE school plans are examples of how students and teachers use all sections of The Telegram for different subjects, special projects and special curriculum units. There are also numerous indicators that NIE curriculum guides, serial stories and the “Featured Teachers, Student Achievers” publications are used to develop, enhance and increase valid and reliable use of the NIE program at the individual school level.


Special thank you to the students and teachers who have contributed in sharing their NIE plans for publication for all our readers. We appreciate this opportunity to give the public further insight into one of the many approaches to teaching and learning that takes place in the classroom.


We hope you find this section of our NIE Link enjoyable and informative.

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