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Carol Wadden
NIE Co-ordinator


Highlights of The Telegram's NIE Program

The following is a synopsis of how our NIE program has progressed:


• We have identified a teacher contact to assume responsibility for the NIE program, in each participating school. 


• Over 550,000 copies of The Telegram will have been given to schools and adult basic education programs, by the end of June, free of cost, as our plans unfold (over 3,200 newspapers each school day).


• 177 schools of all grade levels, including Adult Basic Education Programs, from Grand Falls-Windsor to St. John's and Labrador are taking advantage of our NIE program. Over 70% of the students of Newfoundland and Labrador attend these schools.


• Over 20% of the schools being served are outside our distribution network. We transport the newspapers to School District offices, and they forward them on to their respective schools through their delivery system; (e.g. their bus routes, school district mail transport, teachers making the pick-up from district office, etc.)


• Reports from the school affidavits indicate that over 26,000 students and over 1,800 teachers are directly using the NIE program in the classroom, to teach various areas of the curriculum.


• A selection of curriculum related activity kits is also provided to schools. Some of these activity kits cost The Telegram as much as $10.00 per copy. We provide these kits free to all schools on our NIE program.


• A number of schools requested an increase in the number of newspapers, for special events such as the Federal, Provincial, Municipal Elections, the Winter Olympics, NIE Serialized Story projects or for special curriculum units at the school level. Those increased numbers range from 15 of The Telegram per day to as many as 80 of The Telegram per day. We ask schools to provide an outline of these projects, in order to ensure appropriate use of the newspapers and also to share these project ideas with other schools. This shared feedback increases the effectiveness of our NIE program.


• We have held numerous NIE workshops for teachers and several classroom workshops for students. The objective of these workshops is to enhance the application of the NIE program, by making direct links to the objectives and outcomes of the teaching and learning already taking place in the classroom.

• After reviewing the rationale of some schools to place a newspaper in each classroom, every school day, we decided to offer the opportunity to all our NIE schools. These newspapers would be in addition to the newspapers teachers are requesting for certain classes and special projects.