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Carol Wadden
NIE Co-ordinator

A newspaper in every classroom

At the request of teachers and after reviewing their rationale, we are offering an opportunity that was in place in a number of schools. We are asking Principals and NIE Teacher Coordinators to check with your respective teachers and consider the idea of placing a newspaper in every classroom. These newspapers would be in addition to the newspapers teachers are requesting and receiving for certain classes and special projects. If you decide to take advantage of this additional NIE offer, you will need to arrange a delivery system or network to have the newspapers go to the classrooms when they arrive at your school. 


To provide equal access to students who may not be able to avail of this resource at home.
To serve as a primary resource/reference for courses that do not have textbooks.
To facilitate an increase in the volume and frequency of student reading.
To serve as an incentive for students to read the newspaper as a relevant and up to date source of information on news items, sports, editorials, lifestyles, entertainment, business, classified, and all the local, provincial, national and international scenes.
To provide quick and easy reference for various subjects throughout the day.
To help boost the student’s ability to read for information, where they can list the who, what, when, where, why and how of topics.
To provide a new, economical, usable and current daily textbook for the classroom, at no additional cost to families.
To encourage up to date bulletin board displays to pique discussion and empower students to add their choice of material from the newspaper.
To assist with journal writing in various subjects and with creating scrapbooks.
To provide a constant supply of visual text for analysis.
To create opportunities for the incidental learning that accompanies reading the newspaper, one of which incorporates career information and possibilities.
To assist with developing an active and enriched associated life grounded in community familiarity: activities; volunteering; employment related; community problems; etc.

Good luck with your Newspaper In Education plans, and have a great school year.


PLEASE NOTE: It is our understanding that newspapers, which are free to schools through our NIE program, will not be used to replace home delivery subscriptions or newsstand sales. Each time an individual chooses to do this there is a significant loss to The Telegram, as well as to our independent contract drivers and agents who depend on their newspaper commission sales for income. It is also understood that contest forms will not be used from your NIE newspapers to enter contests and competitions. This places our paid subscribers at a significant and unfair disadvantage. We ask that you diligently monitor and honour this agreement.