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Serial Stories

Serial Stories have become an integral part of The Telegram’s Newspaper In Education (NIE) program. Teachers use them to create students’ interest in reading for pleasure and to achieve Language Arts objectives in Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Viewing and Representing. A teacher’s literacy response guide is either published with each chapter of the story, or a complete hard-copy guide is sent to each school. Some of the activities in the guide encourage students to review other parts of the newspaper to answer questions that apply to characters and situations in every day life. This assists teachers to further meet the established curriculum objectives and outcomes at their respective grade levels.

We have not conducted any formal research and gathered statistics on the impact of serial stories published in our newspaper. However we have several informal examples of how these stories impact on students and our subscribers in general. The following are some examples:

Our NIE Coordinator has been invited to schools for a special presentation on how students and teachers used the stories as a curriculum unit in their programs.
While visiting schools for workshops or for presentations to our major sponsors, schools have reported on numerous occasions how they have used the serial stories in their classrooms to meet curriculum objectives and outcomes at the various grade levels, including High School Teachers
We used to publish the chapters of our stories on Mondays, and move the publication to Tuesday, when Monday was a school holiday. Before the newspapers had a chance to arrive at the schools on Tuesday, we would receive phone calls and e-mails requesting to have copies of the chapter that was published on Monday, because the schools were closed. They would forget that we published the next chapter on Tuesday when schools were closed on Monday.
Or, we would receive an e-mail, on a Monday, from a teacher informing me that he or she subscribes to The Telegram, and how come the next chapter was not published. To avoid this constant misunderstanding, we switched to Tuesday as the publication dates.
When we published chapters of the serial on Mondays, and switched to Tuesdays when schools were closed on Monday, Reader Sales and Service Clerks or another employee in another department would receive phone calls from our regular subscribers, wondering how come the next chapter was not in The Telegram on Monday. This was further reason to avoid the confusion and switch to Tuesdays as the publication day for our serials.
On numerous occasions schools or regular subscribers, who are following our serial stories, would miss a chapter, for some reason. They would call or e-mail, wondering if they could get the chapter they missed. For that reason, our Mail Room staff ensures we have tear sheets available to provide the chapters they missed.
Some parents or grand parents have called looking for chapters they missed because they are reading and sometimes doing the activities with their child or grand children, just for pleasure or to help them with their Language skills.
This comment was e-mailed to The Telegram by one of our subscribers: “Hi Glen. I was talking to Dave Locke earlier and I was telling him how much I enjoyed the Holly Wreath Man. This is the first time that I actually sat down with my 8-year-old son to read with him from the newspaper. We both looked forward to reading the chapters every evening. Every Christmas I read to my two sons from a special book of Christmas stories. This year, after I would tuck in my five year old, my eight-year old and I would sit down to read the latest chapter of the Holly Wreath Man. It was our special time together. I began reading the Holly Wreath story as a treat for my son, but it soon became something I looked forward to reading as well. In the beginning, I would wait and read the chapter for the first time at home; however, as the story line developed I just had to read it first thing in the morning at the office. There were times when the story actually brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye as I'm sure some of your readers would also admit. I'd like to think that I've started a new tradition at Christmas and I hope that The Telegram and Newspapers In Education will carry another chapter book next year! Keep up the great work and have a very Merry Christmas.


NIE Serial Stories
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