Blood donations needed

The Telegram has decided to try to make a difference in the  vital role of the blood system in Newfoundland.  From the Canadian Blood services website "Every minute of time you donate to Canadian Blood Services makes it easier to save lives. And that is something of which to be proud."

Visit this site often for more information about how The Telegram plans to help.

The Telegram has created this special webpage for Canadian Blood services in an effort to help them get their message out. There will be updates in the form of stories and videos that we hope you will find interesting.

2011 Stories and Video

Rare Blood - The Story of Olivia Reardon - CLICK HERE

Telegram Saves Lives Canadian Blood Services Rant 2011 - CLICK HERE


2010 Stories and Video

What to Expect When Donating Blood Video - CLICK HERE

Plasma and Platelets Video - CLICK HERE

Partners for Life Video - CLICK HERE

Paul Rossiter - Personal Story - CLICK HERE

Richard Walsh - Personal Story - CLICK HERE

Carl Smith - Personal Story - CLICK HERE

Calvin Taylor - Personal Story - CLICK HERE

Peter Jackson -  Personal Story - CLICK HERE

Craig Jackson & Gary Grant - Personal Story - CLICK HERE