Anti-military group claims responsibility for blast at Canadian Forces centre

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An anti-military group opposed to the "foreign occupation" of Afghanistan claimed responsibility for an explosion that thundered through a Canadian Forces recruitment centre Friday.
The early-morning blast in Trois-Rivieres, Que., blew out windows on the building, showered a road with debris and rattled a downtown neighbourhood.
There were no injuries - primarily because the recruitment centre was closed at the time of the 3 a.m. explosion.
Later in the day, a group calling itself Resistance internationaliste issued a statement in which it also railed against multinationals, imperialism, the "repressive orgy" at the G20 and pipelines in Afghanistan.
"This operation against recruitment centres is our resistance to the brainwashing and the intensive soliciting by the army of youths confronted with the emptiness of a degrading society," the organization said in the communique sent to various media.
"As for the soldiers of the Canadian army, let's be clear - in no way are they 'ours.' They belong to the person they stupidly swear allegiance to: Her Majesty Elizabeth."
The group says it used to be known as Initiative de resistance internationaliste, a group that took credit in 2006 for the explosion of a car that belonged to Carol Montreuil, an executive with the Canadian Petroleum Products Institute.
It also claimed responsibility for a bomb attack on a Hydro-Quebec tower in December 2004 in the Eastern Townships, near the U.S. border.
Quebec provincial police Sgt. Eloise Cossette said the municipal force in Trois-Rivieres received a bomb threat by telephone "a few minutes" before the blowout. She would not say exactly how much time elapsed between the call and the explosion.
Cossette also declined to release details on the bomb or elaborate on what police know about the organization.
"Yes, a group did claim responsibility but we are still looking at other possibilities," she said.
The recruitment centre is on the ground floor of a high-rise hotel, but the building did not have to be evacuated, Cossette added.
Still, the overnight rumble shook residents in their beds more than two blocks away from the blast site.
A man who lives across the street from the recruitment centre had just turned on his computer to play a video game when he heard the explosion.
"I went outside right away," David Leblanc told The Canadian Press. "I thought my brick wall had fallen down."
Leblanc says shards of broken glass were scattered on the street and on the stairs leading into the building. He smelled smoke in the air, but didn't see any flames.
"I was sure it was (natural) gas," said Leblanc, who didn't want to approach the centre because he thought there could be another eruption.
Around 20 people, who had spilled out of a nearby bar after hearing the explosion, had already gathered in front of the building when he arrived.
The gawkers, most of them inebriated after a long night of partying, thought the incident was pretty cool and were cracking jokes, he added.
"Everybody was saying, 'It's a bombing!' and they were laughing," he said.
Their amusement didn't last long because police arrived at the scene very quickly, Leblanc said.
"They got everyone out of there," he said.
A team of police investigators, the bomb squad and a canine unit searched the scene Friday for clues.
"We have explosives technicians, crime specialists, dogs," Cossette said.
"Our goal is to arrest (someone) and to solve this case rapidly."
A large security perimeter was set up around the building and an adjacent bus station in the heart of the city, which is about 130 kilometres northeast of Montreal.
Cossette said it could have been worse.
"It happened during the night, the building was unoccupied and that's why there were no injuries or deaths," she said. "That's the good news."
The Canadian Forces have no immediate plans to tighten security at its recruiting centres, spokeswoman Maj. Paule Poulin said.
"Although the incident is unfortunate, it seemed to be isolated," she said from Ottawa.
But she says the military will take more care inspecting buildings when offices are closed down each day.
Poulin would not comment when asked if the Forces had any previous knowledge of Resistance internationaliste.
Opposition to the Canadian Forces' mission in Afghanistan has been stronger in Quebec than any other province in the country.
A Canadian Press Harris-Decima poll last year found that 54 per cent of Canadians surveyed opposed the government's commitment to have troops in Afghanistan, while 39 per cent supported it. Opposition to Canada's presence in Afghanistan was highest in Quebec, at 73 per cent.
Longtime Trois-Rivieres resident Andre Provost couldn't believe someone set off a bomb in the city of about 140,000.
"Trois-Rivieres is a very quiet town," Provost said as he watched police officers scour the area.
"I don't think the crime rate is very high."

Organizations: Canadian Forces, Canadian Petroleum Products Institute, Hydro-Quebec Canadian Press Harris-Decima

Geographic location: Afghanistan, Trois-Rivieres, Quebec Eastern Townships U.S. Montreal Ottawa Canada

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Recent comments

  • B
    July 20, 2010 - 13:03

    OK, so.......I think it is very important to find out who these individuals are, charge them, and seriously lock them in prison for thier entire lives. This act is complete and total terrorism. If they sent any message at all it is that they must be nipped in the bud immediately! JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For life-no parole-die there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anon
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    glad to see someone else gets it jeff.

    If people would take the time to research some of the things that the media doesn't report the world would be a very different place. probably better.

    One example. to tax the federal reserve in the USA .0006 percent (6 millionths of one percent) they would pay off the national debt in 2 years which might i add is in the TRILLIONS. Banks have far far too much power and war is just one consequence of this. Naturally, this bill has been shot down numerous times in congress. The only two american presidents to try to print money (Lincoln and the greenback as well as JFK) were both assasinated. The current Fractional reserve system is unconstitutional and although this system is not in Canada. Give it a few decades. The work they do is very slow and monopolizing the worlds money supply is a tedious process. (research just how many banks were bought out during the Fed. Reserve INDUCED Great Depression)

  • Christine
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    Idiots!!! They are over THERE!!!! so that we do not have to fight THEM in our own backyards!!! You are cowards. We won't tolerate terrorists here in Canada. There are plenty of countries that support terrorist activity and they don't plead allegiance to the monarchy!! Why don't you move there!!!????

  • Steve
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    B from Nl writes: OK, so.......I think it is very important to find out who these individuals are, charge them, and seriously lock them in prison for thier entire lives


    Locked away? There's no way I want my tax dollars paying to put these freaks up in club fed, better to publicly charge them as traitors then hang them with their own intestines from lamp posts at city hall.

    That way all the other morons out there have a chance to see what will happen to them.

  • Gerry
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    Jeff & Anon, are you kidding me?? Did you just wake up after sleeping a few years?? Have you not seen / read articles about women getting stoned in a soccer pitch?? Or young girls getting acid thrown in their face for the horrendous crime of going to school?? Should I go on?? Or have your blinders made you blind to what is happening over there??
    As for Canadian aid in Afghanistan, it IS happening but isn't sensational enough to make the news.

  • Hillarious Harry
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    An anti-military group who just basically started a war with the Canadian I the only one laughing my a$$ off at the irony here?

  • Jeff
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    Right on Anon. At the heart of this is the racist notion that we somehow have the right to impose our values on other cultures. We don't just tolerate terrorism, we are the biggest and most successful purveyors of terrorism (state and otherwise) the world has ever seen -- but that's okay -- we're 'civilized.'

  • Gerry
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    I totally agree B. Had it been 5 hours later at 8am on a week day there would have been significant injury or loss of life of not just our military clerks, recruiters, counsillors & medical staff, BUT also the young Canadian men & women who would have been there inquiring, testing, etc about joining the Canadian Forces.

  • Anon
    July 20, 2010 - 13:02

    Alright whatever im gonna say it. You people have never lived in a country where bigger more powerful and richer people fly jet planes into your villages from places you havnt even seen a picture of and destroy your entire hometown to kill 2 or 3 people and effectively create dozens of future terrorists

    This attack happened because of that reason. The very same reason that the Royal Bank in Toronto got firebombed. Because your all sold war on lies to make rich people even more rich and at the same time indebting us to them. You know what that means? It means we had it comin whether you like it your not.

    If Afghanistan flew fighter jets over St. Johns and bombed the crap out of it killing and injuring thousands to kill less than a dozen or so priortity targets Then i would sit myself behind the closest weapon and avenge my family, friends and country. Just like anyone else would. Just like the terrorists are doing.

    Luckily we have mostly America and Israel to blame but we gotta get Harper out of office soon before he drags us into Iran which is probably less than 10 years away. (expect a big major phony attack in America somewhere first) Canada's biggest mistake was going into Afghanistan to begin with. Our army shouldn't fire their weapons they should be handing out aid and installing infrastructure and irrigation systems for third world countries that have been oppressed by the west for economic gain that we all enjoy from St.john'sistan to Victorabia

    anyone wanna flame me you can go ahead but you better bring facts and back em cause believe me, Iv done my homework. Something that if everyone did would stop evil in the world.