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  • Don
    September 01, 2010 - 08:45

    I must object to Burton K. James statement in his article in which he refers to Cupids as being originally Cuper's Cove. That statement is published as though it is an historical fact which it is not. Cupids is not the location of Cuper's Cove. Neither John Guy, Percival Willoughby nor Henry Crout ever mentioned a place called Cupids in their letters and journals. I challenge Burton K. Janes to produce any evidence which he has to support his statement that Cupids was originally Cuper's Cove. If he cannot support his claim then he should refrain from publishing it as a fact. Why is this important you may ask? Assigning historical significance to Cupids which is not supported by historical documentation amounts to a blatant distortion of Newfoundland history. I am astonished that for over one hundred years nobody has ever challenged the claims regarding Cupids as being the location of Cuper's Cove. There is ample historical evidence which clearly shows that Cupids is not the site of Cuper's Cove. It appears that Academics and Journalists in Newfoundland simply refuse to publish the facts about Cuper's Cove. I have seen historical documents regarding Cuperre's Cove published which had major portions of important historical fact simply left out or intentionally distorted. Why were these documents not published in their entirety? Why were the documents edited to slant what readers were exposed to? Incidentally, the name Cuper's Cove was promoted to anglicize the name and obscure the fact that the actual place was named Cuperre's Cove which was FRENCH in origin. It appears that it would be embarrassing to the Government to promote the BIRTHPLACE OF ENGLISH CANADA as having occurred in a place with a FRENCH name! The involvement of Cupids as the so called site of Cuper's Cove was first promoted by Judge Prowse in his 19th century book called A History of Newfoundland. Prowse got it wrong, he provided no evidence to prove that Cupids was Cuperre's Cove, ignored historical documents which showed that Cupids was not the site of Cuperre's Cove and merely promoted a claim that Cupids was the site which has no basis in historical fact. If Burton K. Janes has any evidence to prove that Cupids is Cuper's Cove he should publish it or refrain from publishing incorrect historical information. The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador promoted Cupids as Cuper's Cove and did so without any evidence to support that claim. Journalists who publish incorrect information which will be absorbed by the readers as fact should be required to publish the source of their incorrect assumptions for review and correction. The mere publishing of a false claim over and over does not make it the truth and never will.