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  • J
    September 22, 2010 - 13:40

    Allan M - http://www.heritage.nf.ca/arts/anitabest_article.html is a bio of Anita Best. Your comment doesn't make much sense; Anita Best as quoted in the article didn't say anything at all about Cape Breton. The quote that ends "... his outlook on life" is from Kelly Russell. All Best says is that the music and dancing go together in Newfoundland, nothing about whether or not they go together anywhere else.

  • Allan MacDonald
    September 08, 2010 - 22:44

    This is not a comment on NL music, fiddling or Rufus Guinchard. I don't know who this Memorial University folklorist Anita Best is, but by judging from her comments she knows nothing about Cape Breton music traditions and Fiddling in particular. Does she think that Natallie or Ashley just appeared from nowwhere. For starters, Cape Breton traditions were brought over from the Highlands going back to the time of the clearences. (1700's) Has she ever heard of Natalie's uncle Buddy MacMaster, who has gone back to the Scottish highlands to demonstrate traditional highland fiddle playing, which had mostly been lost there. (there was a special on TV Bravo channel) She should go to you tube and look up Buddy playing for a square dance in Glencoe, for one example. He is usually accompanied on piano by his sister Betty Beaton. This music was kept alive for years as fiddlers played at kitchen parties, church dances,etc. Why do you think today both Natalie and Ashley step dance while playing. She should go to CB for the fall celtic colors festival, attend a Ceilidh or two, and learn first hand how traditional CB music and dancing go together.