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  • SSJ
    January 04, 2012 - 18:39

    To the writer: While I am a 21-year-old user of Facebook, I keep it to mainly those I know in real life and a few friends I met online that I have known for at least 3 years on a movie site. But that does NOT mean I'm eager to visit them in person, or hold them high above the flesh and blood friends. I have a cell phone too, but I only use it to call family and infrequently text to just a few friends, and not while others are talking. And if I have been supposedly 'corrupted' by Facebook, gadgets and violent movies, then why have I always been considered helpful around the house by my parents, even as a teenager, assisting with supper, laundry, chores and other tasks without being asked? I'm not losing fresh air either, as I walk almost everywhere I go. While I understand the frustration with your own children, and I am not a typical young man myself, I ask that you please refrain from making comments that may lead to your readers generalizing young people as a whole, as being rude and inconsiderate.

  • Colin
    January 04, 2012 - 11:13

    For future reference, when your kid asks for a videogame, just check it here first: http://www.esrb.org/index-js.jsp Videogames are like movies now. Not all, or indeed many, are directed at kids anymore, so make sure to check it out before handing money over. Very responsible of you not to buy it. I've seen a lot of parents picking up very violent, foul language filled games for their 10 year olds. If you wouldn't send them to a mature movie, don't buy them a mature game.

  • redrantingtory
    January 03, 2012 - 12:28

    The dumbing down of humanity as begun and is in full swing. There is a whole generation that will not know how to communicate verbally. They will not know how to write a sentence or read a book. Their whole lives have become meaningless drivle popping up on a screen every two seconds. You cannot talk to most young people now without having them staring down at a screen. I just walk away when they do that. At a restaurant New Years Eve I saw a young couple sitting across from us and the whole dinner they were both heads into their cell phone texting or doing some other meaningless task. Maybe they were talking to each other via text? What a beautiful romantic dinner on New Years?? Then there was the young guy in the truck on Boxing Day, who came around the turn crossing over the yellow line nearly running me off the road. He was staring down at what I assume was a bloody cell phone, texting. As these people get older they will realize how insignificant this drivle is in their real lives but it will be to late as they will be so stupid and lost they will not know how to communicate or socialize. What a shame as the human race could have been so much more.

    • Mark
      January 05, 2012 - 13:35

      Don't be foolish. As has always been, smart parents will teach their children to use smart gadgets smartly. And what is all this about you saying that these gagets are "evil?" That's essentially what the tone of your comment is; it's quite similar to the older generations thinking video games were evil; before that it was Rock 'n' Roll, etc. You do realize that your agitation with the new generation is in no way original and falls quite easily into the same boring ney-saying category, right? I mean come on, there's nothing even alol that threatening about these devices. With Rock 'n' Roll and videogames there was at least explicit "devil" content that hypothetically could drive people to go nuts and kill and all that. But you're making it sound like our gagets are going to ruin our lives and bring down the human race and bla bla bla. Save the fact that texting can lead to accidents and should be policed strongly and recognized as a danger, you really have no argument and I'm embaressed to have to realize that someone could hold such a superficial and unoriginal viewpoint in this province without any substantial justification. In other word's: For God's sake man, it's just a mini-computer. The devices we have allow us to communicate in exciting new ways. If anything, they keep us close when we are apart. They do not hinder our ability to communicate orally (if we don't let them), and if anything they help correct our ability to communicate more efficiently. I believe you are truly ignorant to the miracle of these miniture devices, and I suggest you do more research before stupidly denounce a technology with so much potential to help us learn and grow. It's not surprising that the ignorant neysayers are always the ones denouncing things. If you want to say that the "dumbing down of humanity has begun," you might what to take a few steps back and consider how you are rejecting a device which holds a wealth of information and potential to communicate that information quickly and make the world operate the way it does. You also might want to save your time commneting on things like this in the future, because the world is clearly spinning as a result of technology, and you are part of the world. It's happening with or without your consent so you best get used to it.

  • bob
    January 03, 2012 - 08:49

    You wizard. Facebook=good