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  • James
    March 06, 2013 - 18:12

    I took lots of science classes in high school, graduated with straight "A"s, and then went on to get a real education and a successful career in the Arts. If you think that "real education" means sciences only, then you have clearly failed as a student.

  • Jack
    March 05, 2013 - 09:42

    In order to stop students from skipping school to apply for a Driver's License or Beginner's License, the Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Government Services should take the page out of Access Nova Scotia and extend their business hours to 7:00 PM Wednesday to Friday.

  • Jack
    March 05, 2013 - 09:33

    While I agree that driver training should be taught at a high school level, I think that all high schools across Newfoundland and Labrador should provide Driver's Education courses at a manageable price, no more than $250.00. During my Grade 11 year at Halifax's J. L. Ilsley High School, I took a Driver's Education course. This course consisted of classroom instruction, observation, actual driving sessions, and a driver's test. Even if you pass the driver's test and get become a newly licensed driver, students had to complete all course components to get their Driver's Education certificate, and hopefully, get lower insurance rates. When I took the Driver's Education course, the fee was only $75.00. However, since most schools in Nova Scotia or Newfoundland and Labrador have cut subsidies for Driver's Education or privatized it through Young Drivers of Canada, a reasonable fee is $250.00.

  • recent graduate
    March 05, 2013 - 09:09

    There's enough useless courses in the highschools already. you gotta take Healthy living even if you're on the provincial and highschool rugby teams, you have to take career development even though it's a glorified crossword and colouring class, you don't even learn how to do taxes in that course. You have to take fine arts courses preventing you from taking extra sciences in case you wish to pursue REAL education and not an arts program. It's garbage. You don't have a choice in highschool so the last thing we need is even less choice because they want to introduce a program that most people prefer to pay for on their own anyway.